A History of Putting the Customer First in EMEA

Over the last 20 years, Equinix has been a catalyst for global digital transformation. This is especially true of our time in EMEA so far, and it remains central to our future vision to continue to build our global interconnection and colocation platform in the countries where we operate in EMEA.

20 Years of Working Toward Data Center Greatness

Without world-class data centers, Equinix wouldn’t have been much more than a cool idea. Our data centers set the standard on five continents, and they’re part of an ever-expanding footprint that’s shaping the future of the digital world.  As the head of global operations for Equinix, I can tell you none of that is an accident. It’s about passion, diligence and design – right down to the blue light on our colocation floor. It’s also about knowing as we build on our success that we can’t take the lessons of the past or the rewards of the future for granted.

A Global Platform for Innovation, 20 Years in the Making

In its first decade, Equinix's top priority was achieving scale. When I joined in 2008, originally as chief information officer (CIO), we had just reached Europe and were expanding rapidly to meet the growing demand for colocation spurred by internet growth and an increased need for network peering.

20 Years of Putting “Customer-First” Into Action

The careful global expansion we’ve undertaken for two decades is about being where our customers are taking their businesses. The products and services we introduce, from the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™to Equinix SmartKey™, are a direct response to what customers tell us they need. And when we think about the future, we’re not aiming to just keep up with our customers’ ambitions, we want to stay several steps ahead.

Equinix Turns 20: Our Global Teams Celebrate the Big Day

Last Thursday, Equinix held global 20th Anniversary celebrations all around the globe. This was a big day for the company, and we felt it was important to take some time to appreciate the milestone before getting back to business. 

Enabling Your Digital Future – 20 years and Counting

Today, Equinix is celebrating its 20th anniversary. A lot about the company I was introduced to years ago has changed, as we’ve expanded from about two to 200 data centers. But the founding vision has endured and still drives us all these years later. Companies needed interconnection then, and they needed it badly. That’s still true today, maybe more than ever.

A Culture of Success – 20 Years and Counting

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary at Equinix this year, and we are proud of how far we have come. No company reaches this milestone without taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach, not only to define what we do, but also who we are and where we want to go.  

20 Years of Being Customer-Inspired and Customer-Driven

We started in 1998 with the idea that network carriers needed neutral facilities globally where they could meet and exchange traffic, or “peer.” At the time, networks were regionally focused, but access to facilities like the data centers at Equinix gave them the chance to connect with each other and expand their global reach, and they soon saw the advantages.