Amsterdam Expands Digital Transformation in EMEA

Given the endless opportunities for digital businesses to interconnect with the world from Amsterdam, we’re excited to celebrate the extension of the Equinix AM7 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center with our launch event on December 4, 2018.

9 Awesome Photos of the AM4 Launch Event in Amsterdam

Our newest IBX data center, AM4 in Amsterdam, is officially open for business. Check out these nine awesome photos of the AM4 Launch Event in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

A New Amsterdam Data Center, a New Path to the Digital Edge

Equinix is just weeks from opening a towering new glass-lined data center at Science Park Amsterdam, a global interconnection hub that’s mere milliseconds by high speed cable from most major markets in Europe. But another key destination for customers at Equinix’s new AM4 facility will be the digital edge.

Equinix Expansion Continues in 2017 as Interconnection Demand Soars

Our continued expansion comes as the shift to digital disrupts businesses worldwide, forcing them to transform their IT architectures to be agile and dispersed enough to be where their business demands. Our commitment to continuous, thoughtful expansion means that wherever our customers need us, we’ll be there, in 2017 and beyond.

Earth Day 2016: Staying Green as We Grow

The promise to be 100% clean and renewable keeps us vigilant, accountable and actively exploring new technologies and renewable energy projects. We also know that our growing buying power has the potential to influence vendors, alternative energy suppliers and even utilities towards more environmentally responsible electricity generation.

Successfully Fending Off Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

An innovative interconnection solution is mitigating DDoS attacks before they can cause the costly damage they have traditionally wrought on the Internet community.

IBC 2014: TV and The Big Bang Theory

On our Stand, B21 Hall 3, September 12-16th, we’ll be talking about how ‘content’ performance hubs – built, tested and located in Equinix facilities - allow TV and Video businesses to directly connect to network and cloud providers allowing swift expansion and greatly improved performance.

Stay Cool, Equinix. Data Center Temperatures Always a Priority, Hot Weather or Not.

Cooling innovation is a priority at Equinix, so we keep up with the latest technology and trends. From the company’s start, we’ve guaranteed power and cooling, and we’re always looking for better ways to deliver it. Summertime or not.

Equinix Green Spotlight: AM3 Saves Energy Via the Earth, Sky and Rooftop

With Earth Day approaching, we at the Interconnections blog thought the time was right to start a regular “green spotlight” series that highlights some of the distinctive ways Equinix data centers are saving energy and protecting the environment.

Equinix celebrates spring in Amsterdam with “SkirtsRun”

Equinix supported this happy event where Amsterdam celebrates spring. Over 700 women and children ran across the campus where our data center AM3 Science Park is located. With this sponsorship Equinix stimulates social activities and further development on the Science Park campus, one of the most wired regions in the world.