The Future of Payments is Instant, Open and Everywhere

Today, there are an overwhelming number of ways to pay. The market for mobile wallets is a crowded field, with large companies such as Alibaba, Google, Samsung and WeChat offering similar services. In addition, a number of banks have introduced their own mobile payment services such as PayMe, the peer-to-peer payments service from HSBC.

Accelerating Interconnection in the Country of Innovation: Japan

Today, we have a total of 13 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in Japan, two in Osaka and 11 in Tokyo, including the newly announced TY11 in Tokyo, which is also our largest to date in Japan. So, what has made Japan such an attractive and important market to us?

7 Photos of Equinix’s 11th Data Center in Tokyo – Its Largest to Date in Japan

And today we are excited to announce the expansion of our footprint in this highly dynamic and innovative location, with the opening of our 11th International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in the country - TY11, which is also our largest to date in Japan. This new data center in Tokyo and, along with 10 facilities in Tokyo and two in Osaka, brings the total number of IBX data centers in Japan to 13.

Blockchain x Interconnection = Hot Tech!

Hailed as one of the key drivers of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchain technology is poised to introduce massive disruption to businesses across Asia-Pacific and around the world. There are potential applications in every industry, including the finance, insurance, logistics and election infrastructure, which we will look into in this blog.

The Secrets of Digital Twins for the Cities of Tomorrow

When one of these models also includes data on how the process (or thing) works and develops over time, it is a digital twin. For example, a digital twin of a smart building would include real-time environmental and operational data on energy use, temperature, humidity, occupancy, security incidents, maintenance needs, external weather patterns and more.

Digital Transformation is Creating Smart Healthcare

To improve effectiveness and affordability while managing financial sustainability, healthcare providers are looking to offer more personalized, patient-centered care while shifting their approach from treatment to prevention and well-being. Decentralization of care – a significant issue in Australia with its vast geography – holds great potential.

Powering Asia’s World City with Interconnection

Today, the rise of mobile video streaming and rich content is pushing 4G technology to its limits, and now the Hong Kong government is already promoting and facilitating the development of 5G ahead of its planned launch in 2021.

Stronger Together: Why Enterprises are Increasingly Turning to Hybrid Multicloud Ecosystems

According to IDC, by 2021, more than 35% of enterprise IT operations spend in APeJ will be consumption-based, with public cloud platforms becoming the preferred option for enterprises thanks to its ease of management and lower costs. Meanwhile, many businesses are capitalizing on private cloud to enjoy benefits like better security, regulatory compliance and scalability, especially those who want to securely integrate their in-house software applications into the cloud.

Why Are Smart Cities Booming in Asia Pacific?

The promise of smart cities has been captivating the technology industry for more than a decade. The idea is simple – embed smart technology everywhere to make your city better and your citizens healthier, safer and more prosperous. While adoption has been slower in some regions, that has not been the case in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Augmented Reality (AR) x Interconnection = Hot Tech!

AR is transforming the way different verticals work. With interconnection, the potential of AR can be fully unlocked to further enhance customer experience and offer more benefits to enterprises in the digital era.