Asia Pacific – A Good Place to Start a Global Expansion

Our merger with i-STT and Pihana Pacific back in 2002 gave us footholds in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Today, we’re one of the top colocation and interconnection providers in Asia-Pacific, leading the markets in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. We’re also perfectly positioned for growth in a region where the potential remains huge, even after years of economic expansion.

What Southeast Asia Stands to Gain from Digital Disruption

The combination of a fast-growing digital user population and a fragmented market means that local players are successfully competing and gaining an edge on global names in certain sectors.

Equinix Hong Kong Expansion Fuels IOT and Cloud Growth

This latest expansion brings Equinix’s total investment in the city to over US$250 million. But that’s just the start of the story. We are continuing to support the “cloud-rush” with the expansion of our Hong Kong footprint.

E-commerce Is Big Business, And Getting Bigger All The Time

Consumer demand for a digital dimension to the traditional retail experience is forcing physical retailers to adapt or die. And even dedicated online retailers are facing challenges as the previously separate domains of electronic payments, mobile networks and the cloud are converging.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Players Share Visions of the Future

From advanced research to clinical studies, the pharmaceutical industry has always been driven by data. And it is clear that the delegates and the companies they represent are working hard to validate information from research centres and supplement human decision making.

Security-as-a-Service is Tailor-Made for Asia’s Fast-Growing Enterprises

Forward thinking organisations are recognizing the potential that cloud security vendors – some of them operating out of Equinix IBX data centres – can offer, on their own or in concert with other players.

Setting a Trend in Data Center Excellence

Asia awards are designed to recognize and reward. And, with any luck, and a continuous commitment to excellence and innovation, we will have the opportunity to celebrate winning again in the future.

Content Delivery Networks playing starring roles as the Internet goes Hollywood

The sheer amount of internet traffic and the demand for HD content delivery present a huge opportunity as well as challenge for any on-demand content provider who has an ambition to reach global audiences.

Analyzing China’s Insurance Industry

Like most insurance industries around the world, China is moving to shift its regulatory regime towards a more contemporary risk-based system. This is where the total risks of an insurer, from a business as well as operational perspective, are brought together to ensure a company’s solvency is maintained.

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be According to New Equinix Survey

According to the EOF survey, globally, the number of interconnected enterprises is expected to more than double by 2017 – up from 38% to 84%. In Australia, Hong Kong and Japan it will triple, as businesses embrace interconnection-dependent IT strategies to accelerate growth.