Accelerating Global Interconnection with the Acquisition of Metronode

The acquisition also helps us to further strengthen our leadership position in the region. According to Synergy Research Group, the combined market share of Equinix and Metronode in Australia as of Q3 2017, was 18%, which surpassed all other individual market players in terms of colocation revenues.

Equinix Global Solutions Architects – Driving Digital Transformation for Asian Companies

Digital transformation is a complex undertaking for any enterprise. The desired business outcomes, architectures and execution rely on a multi-vendor delivery model with a vertically integrated enterprise technology stack that consists of a hybrid environment made up of on-premise, colocation and cloud-based solutions.

4 Things You Need to Know About Equinix in Australia

Equinix has now become an important facilitator for interconnection and digital business globally – as well as locally. And colocation from within one of our advanced Australian IBX facilities is a logical first step for a business to gain access to all key partners they need to fuel growth.

Australia – Leading the Way in Diversifying Cloud Services

Over 20 new CSPs joined the ECX cloud private interconnection platform in Sydney and Melbourne, with the majority offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) where compute and storage resources are available in single-tenanted, managed, private cloud environments or in the form of dedicated servers

Cloud, the Architectural Cornerstone

To keep up with the demand for multi-cloud services in Australia, at Equinix we’re focused on growing our interconnection solutions, enabling the diversity of cloud services that enterprises are pursuing today.

Under the Hood: A Tour of our Newest Data Centre – SY4  

On 22 August, we officially opened our fourth data centre in Sydney (SY4). Located near the heart of Sydney’s business district, the new US$97 million facility is the latest addition to our data center campus in the Australian city.

And Soon There Will Be Four…

As Sydney fast becomes a digital economy hotspot, and demand for colocation facilities increases locally, we’ve responded by building a fourth IBX data centre in Sydney, SY4.

Architecting for the Interconnected Era

From geographic location, to design through to operations, Equinix data centres are architected for the interconnected era. All Equinix IBX sites, including those in Sydney and Melbourne, are selected for their geographic resilience, but also for their capacity to facilitate better interconnection.

Talking About Cloud Trends, Roadblocks, and Regulations

The inaugural Equinix Cloud Forum recently took place in Sydney, Australia. The forum, like similar events in Singapore and Hong Kong, aims to bring together cloud service providers, technology vendors and enterprise customers to discuss cloud adoption and market trends. We asked Tamas Horvath, Equinix Australia’s Global Solutions Architect, to share some insights from the event.

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be According to New Equinix Survey

According to the EOF survey, globally, the number of interconnected enterprises is expected to more than double by 2017 – up from 38% to 84%. In Australia, Hong Kong and Japan it will triple, as businesses embrace interconnection-dependent IT strategies to accelerate growth.