Cloud Firsts in the Summer Games in Rio

For the first time, many of the Games’ IT systems are being managed in a cloud environment. Leading this transformation is Atos SE, the IT partner for the Olympics since 1992. Atos has embraced the cloud to speed competition results and other critical data to any platform, anywhere.

What’s Different About This Ring Going Around Rio?

A group of 45 Summer Games hopefuls, all sponsored by Visa, were given the wearable Visa payment ring to make purchases in and around Rio de Janeiro. The ring uses the same near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables users to make purchases with smartphones using “Pay” applications from Android, Apple or Samsung.

Summer Games Spur Global Data Deluge

The Summer Games open in Rio de Janeiro today, just two years after Rio hosted the World Cup. It’s an awesome time in a country that’s growing accustomed to big events. But the digital demands that come with these events aren’t something organizers can just sit back and rely on prior experience to handle. Because each time, they grow significantly.

Equinix Offers New Access to Opportunity in Brazil with SP3 Data Center

SP3 is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2017 and will greatly strengthen our presence in Brazil, where we also operate two other data centers in Sao Paulo and two in Rio de Janeiro.

Nearly Half of the Enterprises in the Americas are Interconnected

By 2017, the number of interconnected enterprises in the U.S. will reach 95%, and our survey indicates Brazil and Canada won’t be far behind ̶ Brazil’s respondents expect to have 92% of their enterprises interconnected by 2017 and Canada’s respondents expect 88% to be interconnected as well.

Bigfoot sightings continue as Equinix expands in 2014

Equinix roamed the globe in 2014 and expanded our footprint in a couple more metros on a couple more continents. Here's a roundup of places where we got bigger.

Equinix Completes Acquisition of Brazilian Data Center Provider ALOG

We’ve completed our acquisition of ALOG Data Center of Brazil S.A., giving us four new data centers and making Equinix the only data center provider to offer Tier III services in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the country’s largest markets.

Equinix, ALOG, Help Brazil Companies Handle World Cup Craziness

As crazy as things will get during the World Cup, if you’re in business in Brazil, they can’t get glitchy. Equinix and ALOG have helped companies get ready.

Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé … Brazil … Brazil …

Media companies are plugging into Equinix data centers in Brazil as they build out the technology infrastructure they need to cover the FIFA World Cup.

20 Photos of RJ2 Launch Event

Over 100 customers, analysts, press and others gathered in Rio de Janiero last Thursday for the official opening of Equinix's latest data center RJ2.  The evening was a huge success full of tours, live music and celebration.