4 Examples of Smart City Innovations in the U.S. and Canada

With the U.S. and Canada being such accelerators for tech innovation, as you might expect the Americas region as a whole is projected to reach 32% of the global smart cities information and communication technologies (ICT) spend by 2023, or $60.6 billion, according to the IDC.

Nearly Half of the Enterprises in the Americas are Interconnected

By 2017, the number of interconnected enterprises in the U.S. will reach 95%, and our survey indicates Brazil and Canada won’t be far behind ̶ Brazil’s respondents expect to have 92% of their enterprises interconnected by 2017 and Canada’s respondents expect 88% to be interconnected as well.

The Big Five: Up, Running, Interconnecting

2015 will be remembered at Equinix for our “Big Five,” the five new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers we opened worldwide to expand interconnection services for our customers. The new facilities span four continents and give our customers fast and secure access to our partners, customers and the markets they need to grow in an interconnected era.

Getting Networked in Toronto Takes a Little Goo, a Lot of Good Planning

As TR2 opens, we’re talking to Equinix experts about getting a new data center up and running. Adam Janota is senior director of service providers, and he knows networks. We talked ecosystems, interconnection and “goo” with him.

Photos from the TR2 Launch Event in Toronto

On April 16th, 2015 Equinix opened the doors to its latest flagship IBX data center: TR2 in Toronto. In true Equinix fashion, the TR2 launch event kicked off with bang. Several hundred guests, VIPs, celebrities, media and customers joined in the opening day festivities. Check out the photos below!

Growing Toronto Campus Brings Possibilities to Interconnection-Hungry Market

To celebrate TR2’s opening, we’ve been talking to Equinix specialists about what it takes to get a new data center going, and Bill Long, vice president, interconnection services, gave us some time.

Inside the Big Five: Power, Persistence and Finding the Right Site in Toronto

In Toronto, we’re expanding in an international financial capital – something we’ve planned to do since we entered the Canadian market five years ago.

Inside the Big Five: It’s All About Interconnection in Downtown Toronto

To mark the opening of TR2, we’re talking to Equinix executives and personnel about different stages of building a data center.

Stay Cool, Equinix. Data Center Temperatures Always a Priority, Hot Weather or Not.

Cooling innovation is a priority at Equinix, so we keep up with the latest technology and trends. From the company’s start, we’ve guaranteed power and cooling, and we’re always looking for better ways to deliver it. Summertime or not.