Channel partners clear a path to a digital future

As encouraged as we are by the growth of the channel program, the high caliber of trusted channel relationships we are talking about don’t develop overnight. Becoming a channel company is not about launching a few initiatives and occasionally checking in on how things are going, it’s a commitment from Equinix to change our DNA.

Equinix Celebrates 1st Channel Partner Program Anniversary with Enhancements

Today, we’re announcing new training and certification programs that will help our partners better educate their sales and technical staff on Equinix products and solutions and the unique value we can jointly bring to businesses worldwide. This means our partners will be more prepared to offer enterprise customers the best solutions to meet their evolving needs and accelerate their adoption of next-generation cloud, network and IT services. These solutions will be particularly attractive to enterprises as they look to become increasingly interconnected by embracing Interconnection Oriented Architectures (IOA™) to transform network efficiency, user experience, and cloud scalability.

The Equinix Partner Program: A Three-Way Street to Growth

The enterprise is increasingly turning to cloud to achieve business advantage, but finding the top services and IT expertise needed to successfully jump into or expand in the cloud can be difficult. Meanwhile, service providers in the crowded and competitive cloud market are constantly seeking new revenue streams and avenues for growth. And as the global interconnection platform for the world’s leading businesses, we are always searching out new opportunities to expand our leadership.