CIO Perspective – Driving Business Efficiency and Enabling Scale

At Equinix, we will continue to explore areas where IT can add significant business value every day and, as a result, fuel more growth for the company. A strong partnership and close collaboration with our business stakeholders in exploring our opportunities for creating impact for our company has been very rewarding for the entire IT team. We strive to build a better future for our company and our customers through this strong partnership.

Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of the CIO

Digital transformation is building a new global economy. Just over the last decade, McKinsey Global Institute has seen global trade in digital services double, raising the world GDP by at least 10%. Today, digital represents half of total global services exports.

Shadow IT Steps into the Light

Cloud-based shadow IT made a rapid early ascent. In 2014, Gartner predicted that by the end of the decade 90% of technology will be procured outside of IT. However, in a more recent prediction, Gartner estimates shadow IT management will account for only a little more than a third of total IT expenditures in 2016.

Why CIOs Should Share Data Breach Info to Help Keep Everyone Safe

Threats are growing in both scope and sophistication. In its 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec estimates advanced hackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies, a 40% increase over the prior year.

API Governance: Versioning Challenges and Approach

While web and mobile are proven channels for selling products and services to our customers, APIs have opened up new avenues of eco-system development around channel partners and resellers. Even the enterprise customers irrespective of their size & scale have expressed interest in integrating to datacenter infrastructure, colocation and Utilization APIs for seamless day-to-day operations to meet the modern day application demands.

What CIOs Need to Know Before Going to the Cloud

Connecting over the Internet from your corporate data center to a multitude of dispersed cloud data centers and backhauling all that traffic for security and management purposes is a recipe for high network costs, a poor user experience and possible security risks. Choose an interconnection provider that can place your infrastructure in close proximity not only to cloud services, but network providers, business partners and globally dispersed users. You’ll get better performance, better security and a superior user experience and spend less in the long run.

Open sourcing AquaJS

AquaJS is an open-source project, developed in-house at Equinix, to provide quick and organized way to start developing Microservice based application development. Our main goal is to enable developers to focus on writing reusable application or business logic instead of spending time building software infrastructure (Framework and modules).

The Microservice Architecture Journey at Equinix

Microservices are discrete services that ‘do one thing and do it well’. They are independently developed, versioned and deployed and retired with little or no impact on other services or dependent applications. Traditional multi-tier architectures group services by functionality. Microservice Architecture, by contrast, group services according to the products and services offered by the organization.

Smart Business May Cause CIOs Restless Nights, But Interconnection Is a Sleep-Aid

As if the job of the CIO wasn’t hard enough, Gartner urged CIOs to build new connection platforms to interconnect their services with those of their partners and customers. This is something we know quite a bit about at Equinix because we help enterprises prepare for the hugely disruptive force that “algorithmic business” will bring.

Achieving IT Priorities with Interconnection

If growing revenue is the top priority, then so is freeing the enterprise from the constraints of a highly centralized IT model that’s headed toward obsolescence. But that can’t happen without interconnection.