Cisco Selects Equinix to Launch Webex Edge Connect Worldwide

With people spending more than two-thirds of their time in meetings every day, today’s businesses are looking for a solution that will provide the best meeting experience while bringing together distributed teams. As teams become more connected, often now on mobile devices, they rely on a great video experience to build engagement, relationships and trust.

The Rise of IoT Data Exchanges

Data exchanges are where IoT-generated data sets are combined and then refined through data analytics, and all this information takes on real value. These exchanges are places where organizations partner to identify patterns and draw conclusions about the information or see ways they can monetize the data.

Realizing the true potential of NFV

With an NFV strategy, enterprises can deploy common x86 virtualization hardware that is ready to run a host of different Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)—software appliances deployed on NFV infrastructure.

Taking Subsea Cable Systems to the Heart of Interconnection

Customers and providers alike have been asking, “Can I colocate my equipment in the landing station?” Classic landing stations, however, were not built for that purpose, and they lack space, power and, most importantly, interconnectivity options.

3 Reasons to Put Digital IT at the Edge

Change in information technology (IT) is good. It paves the way to innovation and invention. And the massive digital transformation that the world is now undergoing is changing the way we do business and how we will power the digital economy into the future.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Emerging as a Top IT Priority

Putting a disaster recovery plan in place has traditionally been challenging for CIOs. The difficulty identifying and weighing present and future risks against the often high costs of a plan have put this topic (too) low on the ICT agenda of many enterprises.

Network Functions Virtualization: Into the Light

In the spring and summer of 1901, something unexpected began to stir in Barcelona’s art world. A strange malaise began to take hold of Pablo Picasso, one of the bright young artists of the European avant-garde. Gone were the vibrant and bright hues that had made his name, and in their place emerged a monochrome view of the world that spoke of melancholy and depression. The Blue Period had begun.

Equinix Uses Facebook Tech to Build an Open Source-Based Ecosystem

The project, announced today, uses technology designed by Facebook and available from the Open Compute Project (OCP) - which Equinix just joined - to build the new ecosystem. Specifically, the ecosystem uses Wedge open source switches as part of its architecture.

Global Solutions Architect of the Month – Stefan Raab

The majority of my work involves helping customers integrate cloud solutions. As enterprises shift more of their production workloads to the cloud, they are looking for a more reliable, predictable, secure and high-performance solution to integrate these services with their networks.

Equinix Gets on Board with FASTER Undersea Cable Connecting U.S. and Asia

The FASTER system, which is scheduled to begin operating during the second quarter of 2016, will cover 5,600 miles and have peak capacity of 60 terabits per second. At that speed, you could transfer the entire contents of a 1 terabyte hard drive in less than 1/7 of a second.