3 Ways Multi-Cloud Exchanges Can Simplify Hybrid IT

Cloud exchanges can go a long way toward simplifying the provisioning, orchestration and management across multiple clouds, as well as enhancing cloud access performance and scalability.

Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence in the Cloud

The cyber-attack landscape is expanding with new and growing threats. From the proliferation of Internet of Things-connected devices to the increasing number of “hacktivists” and ransomware attacks on organizations and individuals, risks are present everywhere. Enterprises are seeing cyber-attacks rising and recognize that they can lead to large financial losses, reputational damage and even complete business disruption.

Creating an Interconnection Highway for Digital Media Production

Based on actual events on 9/11, the short film “Suitcase,” tells the story of a baggage handler at Logan International Airport in Boston who discovers the contents of one of the hijacker’s bags that never made it on to American Airlines’ Flight 11 to Los Angeles.

Cloud Security: “How,” Not “If”

Increasingly, it’s no longer a matter of whether the cloud is or isn’t secure. It’s really about crafting a detailed strategy and architecture that delivers the exact level of security and compliance your organization requires.

Microsoft Envision Looks Toward the Future

The Microsoft Envision conference (April 4 – 6 in New Orleans) looks beyond the horizon and previews the shape of business and technology in the future. From business leaders such as PayPal’s president and CEO, Dan Schulman, to explorers such as NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently returned from his historic record-breaking “Year in Space,” visionaries from all industries will be sharing their thoughts on where we are heading.

Equinix Celebrates 1st Channel Partner Program Anniversary with Enhancements

Today, we’re announcing new training and certification programs that will help our partners better educate their sales and technical staff on Equinix products and solutions and the unique value we can jointly bring to businesses worldwide. This means our partners will be more prepared to offer enterprise customers the best solutions to meet their evolving needs and accelerate their adoption of next-generation cloud, network and IT services. These solutions will be particularly attractive to enterprises as they look to become increasingly interconnected by embracing Interconnection Oriented Architectures (IOA™) to transform network efficiency, user experience, and cloud scalability.

A Look Back at PTC 2016: Reimagining Telecommunications

PTC attendees were focusing on how to interconnect to and scale the cloud service stack more dynamically, from both network and cloud perspectives, with technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) access services.

Challenges in the New World Order: Q and A With GSA Misha Tchernuhin

Misha talks about notable customer interconnection use cases and the new requirements for interconnection that enterprises and service providers are facing.

Big Data Means the Cloud

By 2018, Cloud Becomes a Preferred Delivery Mechanism for Analytics, Increasing Public Information Consumption by 150% and Paving the Way for Thousands of New Industry Applications

Cloud Security Control Takes Secure Interconnection

A new, high-growth market segment of cloud access security brokers is gaining traction with enterprises amid persistent concerns about security in the cloud.