5 Cloud Security Revelations From 2017

Cloud security has always been a hot-button topic among enterprises, and with over 90% of companies using some form of public cloud computing, it continues to be debated among security professionals. Private and public cloud security is an evolving technology, and we’d like to cover some of the major revelations that we’ve seen from the industry in 2017.

How to Create a Security Inspection Zone at the Digital Edge

There was a time when an application was typically a single piece of software running on a data center server or user PC, but today’s applications are more likely to be distributed combinations of interconnected, automated, often mobile components from multiple sources or vendors.

How to Master Enterprise Cloud Security

While security and privacy concerns are similar across cloud and traditional non-cloud services, cloud security concerns are amplified because transitioning to the public cloud requires shifting some control over organizational assets to the cloud provider, and those assets could be mismanaged.

How to Cure Security Alert Fatigue, and Still Protect your Cloud Infrastructure

Security analytics (on-premises or cloud) should be interconnected to the data they are analyzing at a more fundamental level, so that staff members no longer need to examine each alert or informational message, evaluate all details behind the events leading up to the alert, and then determine what to do.

Supercharging Cloud Security, Reliability and Scalability via Interconnection

The cloud promises enterprises a lot. Greater cost savings, better performance, an enriched user experience and increased business agility are often cited as the main drivers for cloud adoption. At the same time, many enterprises expect much less from the cloud when it comes to ensuring data safety and compliance.

How to Overcome Common Hybrid Cloud Security Issues

Planning a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure can be challenging, mainly because many enterprises don't have available staff or expertise. Look for a partner that has broad cloud expertise and experience, as well as access to a dense ecosystem of cloud and cloud security service providers that offer solutions such as Infrastructure-Protection-as-a-Service or protection against DDoS attacks.

Cloud Security: “How,” Not “If”

Increasingly, it’s no longer a matter of whether the cloud is or isn’t secure. It’s really about crafting a detailed strategy and architecture that delivers the exact level of security and compliance your organization requires.

Meeting Cloud Security Challenges – Insights From Equinix Partner, Alert Logic

Security is always of special concern to cloud adopters and would-be adopters, for obvious and enduring reasons. Primarily, the cloud forces the enterprise to give up some control of its IT, and that can be unsettling. When respondents to the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report listed their top cloud challenges, 29% named security, making it the second-most cited concern.

Cloud Security Control Takes Secure Interconnection

A new, high-growth market segment of cloud access security brokers is gaining traction with enterprises amid persistent concerns about security in the cloud.

It’s Clouds Ahead for Providers and the Enterprise in 2016

Growing cloud activity means opportunity for service providers, which can provide the expertise enterprises need to integrate the cloud with legacy systems.