Cloud Services to Watch in 2017

There have been so many "as-a-service" offerings coming to the market that it is difficult to keep up. We’ll dive in here, but before we do, let’s start where it all bega

It’s Clouds Ahead for Providers and the Enterprise in 2016

Growing cloud activity means opportunity for service providers, which can provide the expertise enterprises need to integrate the cloud with legacy systems.

Leveraging Clouds to Delivery High Performance APIs

Cloud providers have caught on to the API craze and are providing gateways to high-performance APIs in the cloud.

The Clouds are Raining Data: News from the Cloud World Forum

The conversations at this year’s Cloud World Forum 2015 in London were dominated by how companies are preparing for the massive surge in cloud-based data.

Gravity for the Cloud

The cloud's vast opportunities are pulling us into a new digital era. At Equinix, we feel a similar pulling force that's like “gravity for the cloud.”

From Carp to Clouds, Confluence Points Can Create Opportunity

In the colocation industry, we’re seeing how the confluence of enterprises, networks and cloud services can create disruptions that spark opportunities.

6 Important Considerations for Colocation; How Does Equinix Measure Up? (Part 2)

Our friends at CenturyLink have posed six important considerations when choosing a colocation provider. Here's how Equinix measures up.

Equinix Can Help the Enterprise Take on Big Data, However It’s Defined

Whatever the “big” in big data means to an enterprise, it needs to prepare to deal with it because its competitors are. And Equinix can help them do it.

New Survey Points to an IT Transformation in the Cloud

A new benchmark survey indicates companies aren’t just dabbling in cloud computing anymore. They’re using it as a mainstream tool for running their businesses.

Equinix Highlights Azure Partnership Strategy at WPC 2014

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference may have just ended, but the opportunities presented there are already gaining traction.