SY4: Why Equinix Should Be Your Location Too

SY4 is a significant investment from Equinix, and a significant investment for the state of New South Wales. Australia is, and will continue to be, an important market for us because local businesses are innovating as fast as some of the biggest players in the world.

How Interconnection Increased Global Data Flows by 45X: McKinsey Reveals the Digitally Interconnected Global Economy

Enterprises worldwide are facing a massive wave of digital disruption that’s causing them to rethink their current business and IT deployment models. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) sums up the situation well, describing the meteoric rise of what it calls the “digitally interconnected global economy."

How to Foolproof Your Cloud Migration

Recent advances in cloud platform user interfaces and documentation has made it easier than ever for enterprises to adopt cloud platforms and migrate workloads to them. We see more and more companies who have had a fantastic experience creating a proof-of-concept (POC) cloud environment and then quickly morphing it into their production cloud environment.

Why Connected Cars Are Driving Companies Out to the Network Edge

The connected car of tomorrow is coming, and, frankly, it’s going

How to Converse in Cloud: Virtualization Vs. the Private Cloud

We tackle a common point of confusion: A lot of organizations think they’re running a private cloud, when what they’re really running is just a virtualized data center.

Making Direct Travel Connections in the Cloud

In order to take advantage of the speed and ease that a connected online travel ecosystem provides, direct, secure and reliable interconnection is the only route to take.

About Digital Transformation and Building a Wider Moat

The digitization of the global economy is hugely disruptive for businesses, but it also comes with big opportunities for any company that knows how to seize them, and Equinix is built to help them do that.

Asia Taking the Lead in Cloud Computing

The table has seen some interesting changes, with Hong Kong edging over Japan as the top CRI player and Singapore surging into second place. As the Association’s Chairman said, the results put Asia in a very strong position to lead the next wave of global innovation and technology applications. In fact, he believes that the region is poised to outperform the rest of the world and lead the world into the digital age, driven by cloud computing technologies.

Why You Should Go Serverless in the Cloud

A new trend, “serverless computing,” takes application development up another abstraction notch. Serverless computing isn’t really serverless: Programming functions still have to run on server and storage hardware. The term “serverless” means that developers or DevOps teams no longer have to worry about what and how much server compute and storage to provision and manage for their application development, deployment and scalability.

How to Get More Out of Your Cloud Performance

The success of the cloud can be attributed to its agility, on-demand provisioning and scalability. However, a secure, stable and high-performing cloud environment is a prerequisite for successful deployment.