Creating an Interconnection Highway for Digital Media Production

Based on actual events on 9/11, the short film “Suitcase,” tells the story of a baggage handler at Logan International Airport in Boston who discovers the contents of one of the hijacker’s bags that never made it on to American Airlines’ Flight 11 to Los Angeles.

Empowering Media Networks with an Interconnection Oriented Architecture

An Interconnection Oriented Architecture can help media companies handle growing amounts of digital content and develop efficient workflows and revenue streams.

The Next Generation Digital Media Networks: Playing a New Tune

Digital content is growing rapidly across the media industry, and its major players are turning to interconnection to meet the demands of a voracious consumer base.

10 Beautiful Shots of LA4

We at the Interconnections blog have resolved to show off our data centers a bit more, and we’re starting with 10 photos of LA4.

Pushing the digital divides

The digital advertising sector needs a new breed of talent that can bridge the gap between the language that analysts speak and the language that marketers talk.

Equinix, ALOG, Help Brazil Companies Handle World Cup Craziness

As crazy as things will get during the World Cup, if you’re in business in Brazil, they can’t get glitchy. Equinix and ALOG have helped companies get ready.

Innovation through Interconnectivity

The research has provided a fascinating view on how the digital media industry is changing, as greater connectivity, faster processing and cloud infrastructure become more widely available.

From Nickelodeons to Netflix

Nickelodeons have come and gone, and movies have since gone through many transformations in how they’re made, distributed and viewed.

Netflix leverages the power of connectivity to bring 3D/Super HD to its customers

Equinix is pleased to have assisted Netflix in deploying its cutting-edge content delivery solution, and is impressed by how Netflix has shared its hardware design and the open source software components of the CDN server to the Internet community.

Building the next-generation media enterprise

Equinix is currently engaged in a programme of research focused on exploring the evolution of digital interconnectivity across the European media market and the emergence of the ‘extended media enterprise’