Championing Corporate Sustainability at Equinix

This year we are launching an interactive sustainability report website to make it easier for our stakeholders to engage with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and find the information they need quickly. And we are expanding many of our programs to build on earlier successes.

Igniting the Power of Many to Protect the Earth

Our world is changing fast. An increasingly connected globe means that users expect everything to be available on-demand, anywhere, anytime, regardless of where it originates. These kinds of expectations are driving every industry to rapidly transform to keep up. Digital business, powered by interconnection, offers a path to survival for businesses by enabling new ways of commerce, collaboration and innovation.

New Corporate Sustainability Report Details Plans, Progress

The annual release of our Corporate Sustainability Report provides a transparent look at the ways Equinix is reducing our environmental impact and improving the lives of those around us in our key focus areas: environment, people, governance and community. It also details why we’re doing it.

Equinix Team Turns Out for Marathon Walk to Help Colleague With Cancer

Our Equinix colleague Stuart Turnham has been a mainstay at Equinix’s London metro, bringing passion, dedication and creativity to his job as Equinix’s Director of Enterprise and Financial Services, EMEA. Everyone who works with Stuart knows how critical he’s been to the success of our customers and our company. His insights and the support he provides our entire team have proven invaluable. Now it’s our turn to support him.

Paradox Sports – Helping Disabled Veterans Scale Mountains, Exceed Limits

Paradox Sports was a recent recipient of an Equinix Impact Grant, which Equinix awards to small- to medium-sized nonprofits that are making meaningful contributions in areas that our employees are passionate about. The grant helped fund two adaptive climbing trips this year for disabled military veterans – one to Mt. Rainer and the other to Yosemite National Park the weekend of Sept. 11. Equinix will renew the grant for 2016.

World Pulse: The Global Impact of Women’s Digital Inclusion

We speak with World Pulse CEO and founder, Jensine Larsen, about the transformative work World Pulse is doing in digital empowerment and the substantive impact it has made on the lives of millions of women and the world. World Pulse is an Equinix Impact Grant recipient.

How Digital Inclusion is Transforming the World

At Equinix, we believe digital inclusion is needed everywhere, and we see abundant opportunities to enable global digital access to connect the world.

NetHope –Interconnecting the World’s Relief Organizations

Since 2001, NetHope has brought together many of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations to better serve the developing world through the smarter use of technology. NetHope and its 43 member nonprofits represent more than $40 billion dollars of humanitarian development, emergency response and conservation programs in 180 countries.

Camara – Equinix Impact Award Recipient Using Technology to Sustain and Educate the World

Camara has placed more than 65,000 computers in 3,500+ schools and trained over 15,000 teachers. The organization's efforts inspired Equinix to select Camara as an Equinix Impact Program grant recipient.

The Equinix Impact: Investing in Digital Opportunity

In the fall of 2014, we kicked off our grant-making efforts. Over 400 employees cast their ballots in the first-ever Equinix Impact Grants campaign to help select our first two grant recipients, Camara and Samasource.