Clouds are Transforming the Way We Do Business

Heading towards the cloud? Learn more about the ways it can help you transform your business.

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Hybrid Cloud Market

We talk to Equinix's Tim Sergus about his customers in the central U.S. and Toronto areas, and the recent launch of TR2 in Toronto.

Channel Program Connects Our Trusted Partners With Enterprise Opportunity

The newly launched Global Channel Partners Program enables vendors in the cloud and IT infrastructure industry to expand their businesses by reselling and referring Equinix services to a receptive enterprise market.

Equinix Programmable Network (EPN): A Dynamic Foundation for Multi-cloud

EPN takes a software-defined networking (SDN) approach and allows customers to self-provision these connections instantaneously. It’s highly scalable, provides ease of management via automation and ensures customers can maintain a vendor-neutral strategy.

Cloud Reflections – Looking Back Over Last Year’s Cloud Expansion

With cloud topping the charts as one of our fastest growing ecosystems over the last year, we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us, our cloud partners and customers.

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios: Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of those must-haves that can be incredibly expensive, resource intensive and error prone. Budget-squeezed organizations often shoot themselves in the foot placing secondary data centers too close to their primary facilities, or cutting corners on performance and redundancy in network connections, snapshots, backups and server clusters.

Top Cloud Service Providers Gravitate to Colocations

Gartner suggests that CSPs step up their game by moving into a carrier-neutral, global colocation that hosts cloud and network exchanges. More specifically, CSPs should seek out those colocation facilities that offer secure, high-performance cross-connection points to the multiple cloud services within the same facility, rather than connecting to them via the public Internet.

IBM SoftLayer and Equinix Team Up on Easier Route to the Hybrid Cloud

Starting today, enterprises can access the SoftLayer cloud platform through the Equinix Cloud Exchange. The Cloud Exchange enables companies to make multiple simultaneous connections to the cloud through a single port. Companies can combine services to build the cloud they need, and scale computing power up and down, on demand. They can also provision virtual connections to SoftLayer in various speed increments, and on a monthly basis. That makes access to the cloud both efficient and cost-effective.

The History of Equinix and AWS Direct Connect Is a Quick Trip Around the World

We bring plenty of history with AWS Direct Connect into the week. Equinix started offering AWS Direct Connect in North America in 2011, and three years later it’s available through Equinix in eight markets on four continents.

Top Data Center Innovation Award Goes to Equinix Cloud Exchange

When Equinix introduced our Cloud Exchange this spring, we presented it as a breakthrough and “one of the most intelligent products we’ve ever launched.” Last week, a panel of industry experts offered validation of that early PR, as the Equinix Cloud Exchange won “Best Data Centre Innovation” at the Global Carrier Awards ceremony in Amsterdam.