3 Steps to Meeting Government Artificial Intelligence Mandates

Meeting the new AI mandate is a tall order for U.S. Federal Government agencies, with a lot at stake. It not only requires investment in AI and cognitive technologies, but a focused strategy on how to integrate them with other technologies (e.g., cloud, data management, analytics and cybersecurity) for governments to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Is your Cybersecurity Strategy Sufficient to Protect Your Cloud Data?

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches. SmartKey provides secure encryption key management to protect cloud data.

Interconnection Is at the Center of Ecosystem Growth

The GXI Vol. 2, a market study by Equinix, makes the case that Interconnection – the direct and private data exchange between businesses – is enabling enterprises to build their digital ecosystems by seamlessly integrating a myriad of service providers and business partners.

Equinix SmartKey™ Beta Program Tests the Industry’s First SGX based Hardware Security Module-as-a-Service Powered by Fortanix

Today, we are announcing the launch of the Equinix SmartKey™ public beta program for the industry’s first HSM-as-a-Service, powered by Fortanix, based on Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX), a technology for application developers who are seeking to protect application code and data from disclosure or modification.

Why CIOs Should Share Data Breach Info to Help Keep Everyone Safe

Threats are growing in both scope and sophistication. In its 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec estimates advanced hackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies, a 40% increase over the prior year.

Laying a Foundation for Security

By becoming an interconnected enterprise and putting your security services proximate to users and data, you can achieve greater protection on multiple fronts.

There’s no Crying in Baseball, or Cloud Security

Major League Baseball has been pitched a curve ball with the allegations that St. Louis Cardinals’ front office personnel illegally hacked into the Houston Astros’ databases.