Do You Know Where To Put Your Data?

One of the biggest decisions a business needs to make is where to put all of its data. Should you keep it on-premises, move it to cloud, or edge data centers where it is closer to users, applications and analytics? And once you’ve decided where it needs to reside, there are other questions to answer, such as: How can you move data securely between these different environments or integrate them to leverage analytics for the best possible insights?

How to Converse in Cloud: Cloud Storage

Cloud technology has enabled enterprises to scale their access to multiple applications and software services on a usage-based pricing model, and it’s led to exponential increases in the volume of data produced, both on-premises and in the cloud. So it makes perfect sense that cloud storage would be one of the next major growth markets.

How to Scale Your Distributed Application Coordination and Configuration at the Edge

If you’re wondering how wide-spread application state can be coordinated throughout such a dynamic landscape, you’d be right to do so. Coordination is needed not just across internal business services, but also across disparate services that may or may not be connected to a common messaging platform up and down the application layer stack.