Equinix Opens Scary-Good Data Center in Transylvania

In a move to meet customer demand for edgier, more terrifying colocation, Equinix has opened a state-of-the-art data center in historic Transylvania.

How Interconnection Increased Global Data Flows by 45X: McKinsey Reveals the Digitally Interconnected Global Economy

Enterprises worldwide are facing a massive wave of digital disruption that’s causing them to rethink their current business and IT deployment models. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) sums up the situation well, describing the meteoric rise of what it calls the “digitally interconnected global economy."

A Better Defense Against DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not a good news topic, and the news about them seems to only be getting worse. Organizations need to do whatever they can to detect and mitigate an assault on their systems as fast as possible. A DDoS-mitigation solution developed by F5 Networks, called F5 Silverline, is now available via the Equinix Cloud Exchange and can help the enterprise do just that.

Planning for the Cloud: What CIOs Need to Know

Diving into the cloud isn’t as straightforward as it’s sometimes made out to be. Here we discuss things CIOs should consider when starting a cloud deployment.

High-Density Data Centers: Driving Efficiency and Lowering Costs

Power and cooling demands are surging. Companies can find an advantage with high-density data centers that handle more power in the same space.

Head, Heart, Home: Building on Success, Cultivating More of It

Equinix's Larry McAlister talks about how strong companies purposefully cultivate an environment that leads to growth.

Crazy in New York: A Big Bet to Build a Leading Financial Services Ecosystem

Equinix opens its NY6 data center to serve the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies in the New York metropolitan area.

Equinix announces CL9, the first data center literally built in the clouds

Equinix is truly the home of the interconnected cloud, and to literally demonstrate that, we’ve opened CL9 in a cumulus cloud over London.

Ashburn: A Data Center Boomtown That Keeps Booming

A Virginia town once called Farmwell has evolved into a place with a new name, global status as a data center capital, and prominence in Equinix’s future plans.

Equinix heads to AWS re:Invent to Highlight Existing Partnerships, Find New Ones

Equinix is headed back to the massive AWS re:Invent conference next week, where we’ll be talking up our existing AWS partnerships and looking for new ones.