How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: BC/DR

Direct and secure private interconnection between BC/DR sites is needed to achieve high availability and lower RTO/RPO objectives. With Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™), a business can build geo-diverse, resilient software-defined interconnection to cloud services, minimizing downtime or service disruptions.

How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: Infrastructure Services

The way equipment is deployed is also critical, and cabling between the infrastructure and the equipment is a good indicator of the quality of the build. Structured cabling is essential to minimize costly downtime. Disorganized cabling creates inefficiencies and opportunities for error such as poor airflow that traps more heat, increased cooling costs, higher hardware failure rates and difficult troubleshooting which increases downtime.

Expanding in EMEA, increasing our unrivaled global reach

In just the last week, Equinix has closed two deals in two EMEA locations separated by 2,000+ miles. But both deals illustrate our commitment to a single strategy that’s long driven Equinix: steady, careful expansion ahead of demand for Interconnection, which digital business is increasingly realizing it can’t do without.

Why the Internet’s Subsea Backbone Needs Direct Interconnection

Data traffic is growing exponentially, and the subsea cable systems that make up the backbone of the global Internet must grow with it. Today’s announcement about the momentum we’re seeing as a partner to next-generation subsea cable projects underscores the rapid growth in this industry.

SY4: Why Equinix Should Be Your Location Too

SY4 is a significant investment from Equinix, and a significant investment for the state of New South Wales. Australia is, and will continue to be, an important market for us because local businesses are innovating as fast as some of the biggest players in the world.

Ad World Eager to Attack Fraud, Consider New Data Center Strategies

A new global study indicates digital marketing pros are ready to attack ad fraud now, and many are willing to move apps to neutral data centers to do it.

Equinix Continues to Expand Japanese Presence With TY5 Launch

It’s been just three months since Equinix more than doubled our size in Japan, but we’ve got more growth to talk about: our new TY5 data center in Tokyo.

Service Delivery Shakes Up IT

IDC's recent "Futurescapes" report included several predictions about the cloud and the future of IT. Here's our take on them.

Big in Japan: Equinix redefines relevance in one of the world’s most demanding markets

Classic rock bands have always understood the importance of being “Big in Japan.” So does Equinix, and our recent acquisition of Bit-isle proves it.

Movin’ & Shakin’: A Look Back on Equinix’s Top Accomplishments of 2015

This was a year of continued growth and unprecedented expansion for Equinix. Here's what we want most want to remember about 2015.