How to Stop Data Lakes From Getting Swamped

Avoiding data swamps is a must to truly capitalize on increasing volumes of data and generate new business intelligence that propels growth. Fortunately, there are ways to keep data lakes dynamic, pristine and viable business assets.

How IT Service Provider ASE Delivers Reliable Multicloud Storage Performance

We wanted to establish a high-performance NPS-as-a-Service infrastructure solution in the U.S., with the same fast and secure access to NetApp and our cloud partners from which our Australia customer base benefits. At the same time, we wanted to reduce the high cost of storage for ourselves and our customers and increase their QoE.

Why Companies Are Jumping Into Data Lakes

A data lake is a storage mechanism designed to facilitate the colocation and use of many different types of data, including data that is date-defined using various schemata, structural frameworks, blobs and other files.

Data Flows: How They are Powering the Global Economy

The importance of data flows in economic growth is huge. According to Deloitte’s Bill Rabaudo, there are only four kinds of businesses that do four basic things.

Big Data Diary: Name That Organism!

In this latest edition of our Big Data Diary, we’ll take a look at an effort to turn small data into interconnected big data that can help scientists study life on earth.

The Cloud Storage Performance Dilemma

The cloud is all about agility, scalability and cost savings, which is probably why enterprises are scoping it out to help them resolve their increasing data storage challenges. In fact, according to Research and Markets, the global cloud storage market is expected to grow from $18.87 billion in 2015 to $65.41 billion by 2020.

Creating an Interconnection Highway for Digital Media Production

Based on actual events on 9/11, the short film “Suitcase,” tells the story of a baggage handler at Logan International Airport in Boston who discovers the contents of one of the hijacker’s bags that never made it on to American Airlines’ Flight 11 to Los Angeles.

Big Data Diary: Negotiating Delivery’s Critical “Last Mile”

Big data’s potential has been a big story for some time now, as the things in the Internet of Things multiply by the billions, and all those connected sensors stream out huge amounts of data. This is information we never thought we could capture, unleashing insights we didn’t know we could uncover.

Cloud Security: “How,” Not “If”

Increasingly, it’s no longer a matter of whether the cloud is or isn’t secure. It’s really about crafting a detailed strategy and architecture that delivers the exact level of security and compliance your organization requires.

Taking on the Data Explosion With Equinix Data Hub

This month, we introduced the Equinix Data Hub, which allows enterprises to securely keep huge amounts of data at the crossroads of communication, closer to users, applications, analytics engines and clouds. It’s similar to the way manufacturers of durable products locate their warehouses near shipping hubs to take advantage of railroads or waterways and deliver their products to market more efficiently. A smaller, more cost-effective space at a port for shipping goods, with a larger space for storage or manufacturing a short distance away, is the best solution.