Why Hire a Cloud Services Broker?

Establishing a point of presence with a vendor-neutral, colocation and interconnection provider such as Equinix can be a valuable boost to a CSB’s business. We are home to vibrant ecosystems of cloud and network providers and CSBs that support this exploding “cloud services utility” market.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: 3 Common Scenarios

Until the cloud, the housing of infrastructure in a secondary data center for replication or backup could be cost-prohibitive for small- or medium-sized organizations. The cloud provides a secondary DR location and infrastructure with little or no up front investment and an affordable pay-as-you-go scenario. Operational costs and resources are slashed and the cloud DR provider often takes over much of disaster recovery management and maintenance.

Expanding Enterprise Clouds Over Asia-Pacific

According to Kelvin, one of the challenges enterprises deal with is disparate Internet bandwidth pricing in APAC by country.

ITW 2015: Trending Network Service Provider Challenges

Network service providers are moving beyond traditional revenue streams and developing a more comprehensive portfolio of services for the digital economy.

Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Adoption through Hybrid IT

More and more enterprises are choosing to deploy “hybrid IT” to maximize their application performance while achieving a balance between the security and reliability of the private cloud and the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud.

AWS re:Invent 2014 Week in Review

All week long we’ve been lighting up the Equinix Twitter feed from the floor with exciting news about this announcement and other activities happening at the conference.

Datapipe and Equinix Team Up to Make the Cloud Easier for Enterprise

Today, Equinix and our partner Datapipe offered some answers. At AWS re:Invent we announced joint hybrid IT solutions that help the enterprise manage and maximize their IT infrastructure inside the AWS cloud.