Federal Government Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI)

A key part of DCOI has been identifying viable commercial alternatives to traditional federally built, owned and operated facilities. These facilities often succumb to capacity constraints, spiraling OPEX/CAPEX expenditures and stifled innovation. However, innovation is critical to keeping pace with new technologies that can often translate into enhanced operational efficiency, enhanced security, cost avoidance and many of other features integral to mission execution.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is in the Top 10 Disruptive Technologies

Delivered through our Equinix Developer Platform, IBX SmartView APIs enable data center operations teams to integrate their Equinix IBX data center infrastructure assets within their third-party monitoring systems, as if those cages were all on-premises. This supports their customer support team members’ ability to consume real-time feeds using preferred control system native protocols such as OPC and SNMP, without any help from an external IT team.

Enterprise Monitoring Explained: How monitoring the enterprise becomes an opportunity for greater customer satisfaction

Managing the growth of an enterprise IT infrastructure and adhering to SLAs is one of the key responsibilities of enterprise IT teams and drivers of customer satisfaction. Today’s monitoring tools and products have absorbed so many enterprise use cases from data center, cloud and hybrid hosting environments, and have grown significantly as a specialty domain in global IT.

Gartner Examines a Colocation Market in Flux

Technology trends, particularly the cloud, are re-shaping the colocation market, and Gartner is urging IT planners to better understand what’s going on and where things are headed.

The Essence of Equinix Data Center Information Management

Data Center Information Management (DCIM) has always been a mission-critical function for enterprise IT organizations. However, the stakes are significantly higher when you’re a global colocation and interconnection company with more than 100 data centers in 33 markets in 15 countries, and you provide the DCIM platform to manage IT infrastructures for more than 6,250 businesses.