Getting Financial Services and the Public Sector Digital Ready

When it comes to information technology, financial services and the public sector share some common traits. As highly regulated industries entrusted with sensitive data, they can be risk-averse and slow to innovate. At the same time, their focus on providing services to specialized audiences often means their existing IT infrastructures and datasets are siloed and architected around traditional centralized systems and networks.

Emerging Dynamics offers Cyber Defense through Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric

One of the organizations that rely on interconnection for the highest level of security imaginable is Emerging Dynamics (EMDYN). This European cyber defense specialist now offers cyber and intelligence solutions and military-grade encryption solutions from one of Equinix Cloud Exchange FabricTM (ECX FabricTM) locations in Amsterdam.

How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: BC/DR

Direct and secure private interconnection between BC/DR sites is needed to achieve high availability and lower RTO/RPO objectives. With Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric™), a business can build geo-diverse, resilient software-defined interconnection to cloud services, minimizing downtime or service disruptions.

Gartner Catalyst 2019 Focus: Pushing Your Digital Advantage

When companies become digital ready, they gain a number of advantages that empower them to do things they never thought possible. Being digital ready means you can exponentially increase the volume, variety and velocity of data processing, and scale whenever and wherever you need to globally. Being digital ready means that you can be proactive—rather than reactive—to change, no matter what form it takes. It also means leveraging more cost-effective OPEX rather than CAPEX to take your business anywhere in the world it needs to be and contribute to a flourishing global digital economy.

Networking for Nerds: Network Optimization = ROI

Today’s enterprises need the ability to access cloud services worldwide using optimized network infrastructures that can handle any cloud workload, provide the greatest performance and user experience, and deliver the best return on investment (ROI).

Virtual vs. Physical Connections in a Digital Supply Chain

You should consider virtual connectivity solutions as the number of counterparties wanting to connect with your business increases. As more partners and customers consider you as part of their digital business supply chain, then you’ll need a scalable and dynamic software-defined interconnection solution that will support the increasing amounts of traffic that will be moving between you and these ecosystems.

Put Your Oracle® Self-Driving Database on the Multicloud Infobahn

Data is the lifeblood of every modern organization. Regardless of where a company may be in its own digital transformation journey, to operate successfully, today’s businesses need real-time access to insights about their revenues and costs, products, customers, partners, employees and more. That’s why enterprise databases are often considered the organizational crown jewels, and just a single minute of database downtime can cause widespread application outage and, eventually, translate into thousands of dollars of lost opportunity.

Equinix Named as Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Inaugural Member

We are proud to announce that Equinix will be joining an elite group of trusted partners who have been named at Microsoft Inspire as the inaugural members of the Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Program.   Through this new Microsoft partner program, we will offer Microsoft Azure connectivity focused architecture consulting and optimized network planning, design and implementation services via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Inspire Focus: Accelerating Applications on Azure

New cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure, such as Azure DevOps, Azure AI and Azure Blockchain Service, provide enterprises with a fast path to improved business agility, scale and competitiveness. But legacy network architectures can significantly hamper their ability to migrate workloads to Azure and experience highly performant hybrid applications.

The Future of Connectography

Massive urbanization is happening worldwide. According to the 2018 United Nations World Urbanization Prospect, 55% of the global population today lives in urban areas. This is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.  By 2030, the UN predicts the world will have more than 40 megacities – a single or multiple metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants and shared infrastructure.