Cloud Expansion in Europe Accelerates Digital Transformation

Equinix data centers house a growing cloud ecosystem with access to more than 500 CSPs, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure/Office 365, Oracle Cloud, VMware vCloud Air and Salesforce.

“Cloud Ready” – the solution to the Media, Entertainment and Advertising sector

Digital disruption and technological changes are causing shockwaves across many industry

AWS Direct Connect Global Expansion Increases Performance and Security, Lowers Costs

AWS Direct Connect is now available at Equinix in 13 global markets, and most recently, providing access to two separate regions (Dublin and London) out of our London-based LD4, LD5 and LD6 data centers.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence — Insights from FT Innovate

Researchers at the University of Surrey took an in-depth look at the transformative power of MI, a process of sophisticated algorithms that can undertake non-routine, cognitive tasks to supplement or ultimately replace human intelligence.

Digital Interconnectivity – the Reformation of Banking

Today, we are still some distance from achieving such harmonious co-existence, but the financial institutions recognize that in the emerging era of distributed ledgers, such as blockchain, and digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, there is an imperative to adjust to this new and radical paradigm.

How an Internet Exchange Brings the Cloud Closer to You

Equinix’s latest Internet Exchange was established this fall in Helsinki, Finland, and will open for business in Q1 2017. Finland is an excellent location for many reasons.

Why Partnering Is the Route to Profit in Today’s Interconnected Era

Enterprises need more points of engagement with more users, partners and providers across an ever-widening physical and logical footprint. These interconnected business models and services require secure, real-time data exchange across many participants.

How Enterprises Harness Interconnected Clouds for High Performance

One of the fastest “interconnected” regions in the world is the U.K., with 88% of U.K. companies reporting plans to deploy multi-cloud interconnection over the next five years.

What Makes Finland a Cool Data Center Destination?

It’s not surprising, considering the above, that Equinix sees the Helsinki metro as a strategic location for global Internet traffic. Recently, Equinix and Cinia installed a low-latency submarine backbone between Finland and Germany, which is further proof that Finland is now a hot property for cool data centers.

Being Data Driven is a Posture Not Plan

The concept of being data driven is about utilizing information in our soundings. A data driven organization is geared towards processing and mining the flow of data that runs through it. It is less about implementing a strategy and more about developing a method and a structure. In a way you could say that being data driven is a posture not a plan.