5 IT Predictions for Digital Business in 2019

And as business and technology leaders move closer to another year of high stakes digital transformations and the big IT decisions that power them, we’re taking a closer look at the technologies that will make the biggest digital business impact in 2019.

Digital Is Reshaping Global Trade With New Speed, Insight, Reach

Today’s hottest trade routes are digital, and they are connecting global commerce centers via high-speed fiber optic cable. They regularly traverse land and sea carrying everything from the latest video streaming sensations to the mission-critical cloud services that digital businesses can’t exist without.

Alibaba Scales-Up Global Cloud and Digital Services

The Alibaba Group is globally scaling its cloud and digital services platforms to earn its seat. The company that started out as a B2B portal now touches almost every aspect of the internet and eCommerce sectors.

Security and Compliance are Driving Capital Markets to the Public Cloud

Capital market companies have been one of the more cautious adopters of the cloud. However, increased pressure to reduce costs, improve margins and realize greater efficiencies are forcing today’s institutional investing firms to move their critical applications and data into the cloud.

IT Agility through Collaborative Ecosystems

Tomorrow’s IT infrastructure needs to have agility at its heart. It must support the launch of new services in double-quick time, support in-life changes to existing services with zero impact, and be a flexible platform that enables businesses to scale and expand rapidly as required.

How Enterprises are Getting More Intelligence out of the Cloud

In the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report, “Analytics in the Cloud” a panel of over 250 business stakeholders and information technology professionals were surveyed and provided their insights on cloud-based analytics and business intelligence (BI). The majority of respondents said cloud-based analytics were either “essential” or “important” to their organizations.

Big Data Diary: Negotiating Delivery’s Critical “Last Mile”

Big data’s potential has been a big story for some time now, as the things in the Internet of Things multiply by the billions, and all those connected sensors stream out huge amounts of data. This is information we never thought we could capture, unleashing insights we didn’t know we could uncover.

Celebrating Award-Winning IT Transformation

We're offering our heartiest congratulations to our customer David Neitz, CDM Smith’s CIO, recipient of this year’s MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award.

Ad World Eager to Attack Fraud, Consider New Data Center Strategies

A new global study indicates digital marketing pros are ready to attack ad fraud now, and many are willing to move apps to neutral data centers to do it.

Has the Cloud Put an End to Moore’s Law?

It's been more than 50 years, and now the end of Moore's Law is in sight. Blame the cloud.