Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Migration Contained

Container technology has evolved rapidly in the last couple of years and is slowly becoming a de facto standard for application deployment and workload migration strategies in the industry. In simple terms, container technologies provide the required isolation to run any application, on any infrastructure, using any operating system, at any time, which makes it a great fit for workload migrations of custom applications. This greatly simplifies complex development and enables greater control and security.

Achieving IT Priorities with Interconnection

If growing revenue is the top priority, then so is freeing the enterprise from the constraints of a highly centralized IT model that’s headed toward obsolescence. But that can’t happen without interconnection.

Overcoming IT Barriers and Risks with Interconnection

Today’s demands on IT infrastructures mean enterprises must change the way they think about and approach their IT strategies to remove obstacles.

Over a Third of EMEA Enterprises are Interconnected ̶ Nearly 30% Report More than $10M in Value from Interconnection

The report showed that 70% of the EMEA companies are “extremely or very familiar” with interconnection, which is defined as direct, secure, physical or virtual connections that integrate partners, customers and employees across geographies to accelerate business performance and create new opportunities. Rapidly growing Dubai has the most interconnected enterprises among the EMEA countries, with nearly 60% of companies having deployed or currently deploying interconnection. The U.K., with its more mature economy, is the second-most interconnected country, with nearly 40% interconnected enterprises. The remaining EMEA countries reported approximately a third of their companies are interconnected.

The Bottom-Line Value of Becoming an Interconnected Enterprise

According to a recent Enterprise of the Future survey of 1,000 global decision-makers by Equinix, 3-in-5 businesses believe that direct and secure interconnection with employees, partners and customers is “very important” to their company’s ability to compete. But can the monetary value of an enterprise interconnection strategy be quantified in real and substantial ways? The answer is yes.

Nearly Half of the Enterprises in the Americas are Interconnected

By 2017, the number of interconnected enterprises in the U.S. will reach 95%, and our survey indicates Brazil and Canada won’t be far behind ̶ Brazil’s respondents expect to have 92% of their enterprises interconnected by 2017 and Canada’s respondents expect 88% to be interconnected as well.

Rackspace, Equinix Team Up to Boost Multi-Cloud Access, Interconnection

Today, we announced a collaboration with Rackspace, the No. 1 managed cloud company, to offer private access to Rackspace cloud services from Equinix data centers across North America. This direct access to Rackspace will come either through cross connects or the Equinix Cloud Exchange, an offering that enables simultaneous access to multiple cloud providers from a single port.

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be According to New Equinix Survey

According to the EOF survey, globally, the number of interconnected enterprises is expected to more than double by 2017 – up from 38% to 84%. In Australia, Hong Kong and Japan it will triple, as businesses embrace interconnection-dependent IT strategies to accelerate growth.

The Enterprise of the Future: Realizing the Full Business Impact of Interconnection

Equinix Enterprise of the Future report provides significant insights into what 1,000 IT decision-makers consider their strategic business and IT priorities.

Interconnected Enterprises Set to More Than Double by 2017

A recent Enterprise of the Future survey of 1,000 IT decision-makers by Equinix revealed that businesses worldwide have developed a vast and accelerating appetite for a new level of interconnection, which has become essential to market differentiation and growth.