Gartner Lists the Trends I&O Teams Need to See Coming

The job before infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders everywhere is “digital transformation” not “digital incrementalism,” and we believe Gartner recognizes the wholesale nature of the move to digital in an insightful new report.

Where to Begin Your Cloud Migration for the Greatest Possible Success

Your initial cloud migration steps are critical as they shape the ultimate outcome of your cloud strategy. You’ll want to start with a comprehensive cloud assessment to make sure there’s no mystery or uncertainty about what is involved in your company’s cloud migration process.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability in the Cloud While Controlling Costs

High availability and disaster recovery in the cloud have always been a core focus of infrastructure designs. Ensuring uninterrupted access to your application during site outages plays an essential role in selling business-critical products to customers.

Why Hire a Cloud Services Broker?

Establishing a point of presence with a vendor-neutral, colocation and interconnection provider such as Equinix can be a valuable boost to a CSB’s business. We are home to vibrant ecosystems of cloud and network providers and CSBs that support this exploding “cloud services utility” market.

3 Things We Know About Public Cloud. Or Do We?

There’s what we know about the cloud, and there’s what we think we know. That’s just to say that a lot of assumptions about the cloud, including those that draw organizations to it, are often only true sometimes. And in some cases, what people assume they know about the cloud should never be true.

Microsoft Ignite Showcases How Hybrid Cloud Is Driving Digital Transformation

Microsoft is developing a well-rounded approach to giving its customers the intelligence they require to best manage and control Microsoft Azure and Office365 hybrid cloud platforms.

Where to Put Your Applications in the Cloud for the Best Performance

Ultimately, your choice of cloud service is extremely application dependent, so evaluate your apps and choose your cloud services carefully.

How to Foolproof Your Cloud Migration

Recent advances in cloud platform user interfaces and documentation has made it easier than ever for enterprises to adopt cloud platforms and migrate workloads to them. We see more and more companies who have had a fantastic experience creating a proof-of-concept (POC) cloud environment and then quickly morphing it into their production cloud environment.

Eight Tough Questions You Should Be Asking Cloud Providers

Once you get a handle on the cloud architecture and service type that best fits your requirements, you’ll need some straight answers from your cloud providers to some pretty hard questions. Here are a few to start out with.

Harnessing AWS to Ensure Enterprise Data Safety and Sovereignty

With huge volumes of information needing to be readily accessible to employees, customers, partners and auditors around the world, it is paramount that all organizations reconsider how they approach data security and protection when interconnecting to cloud environments.