The Anatomy of an IaaS Migration in the Energy Industry

Cloud computing involves virtualization, dynamically moving workloads between on-premises and cloud platforms, and an increased reliance on third parties for many types of IT functions. This makes well-thought-out and documented processes, policies and procedures even more important than in a more static and manual environment.

How to Develop and Document a Winning Cloud Strategy

As with any significant business and technology transformation, the plan, process, policies and procedures underlying any cloud evolution should dictate a well-documented, living strategy that is agreed to, socialized, adhered to and regularly updated in support of an enterprise’s cloud journey. Moving to the cloud and leveraging the digital edge without a clear direction and well-thought out strategy can result in significant issues down the road for an enterprise in terms of time, resources, costs and missed expectations and goals.

Creating a State-Wide Azure/Office 365 Cloud Brokerage Service

The shift from in-house IT to a public, private, hybrid or multicloud environment can be daunting for any IT team, whether they are working in the private or public sectors. This is why cloud enablement training and services are critical to helping any organization ensure a successful cloud deployment.

Delivering the Value of Microsoft Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud

An IOA strategy prescribes a proven and repeatable architectural framework that both enterprises and service providers can leverage to directly and securely connect people, locations, clouds and data. It is this Interconnection-first approach that drivesconsistent Azure Stackhybrid clouddeployments within our global data centers.

How to Overcome Common Hybrid Cloud Security Issues

Planning a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure can be challenging, mainly because many enterprises don't have available staff or expertise. Look for a partner that has broad cloud expertise and experience, as well as access to a dense ecosystem of cloud and cloud security service providers that offer solutions such as Infrastructure-Protection-as-a-Service or protection against DDoS attacks.

Microsoft Ignite Showcases How Hybrid Cloud Is Driving Digital Transformation

Microsoft is developing a well-rounded approach to giving its customers the intelligence they require to best manage and control Microsoft Azure and Office365 hybrid cloud platforms.

Where to Put Your Applications in the Cloud for the Best Performance

Ultimately, your choice of cloud service is extremely application dependent, so evaluate your apps and choose your cloud services carefully.

Eight Tough Questions You Should Be Asking Cloud Providers

Once you get a handle on the cloud architecture and service type that best fits your requirements, you’ll need some straight answers from your cloud providers to some pretty hard questions. Here are a few to start out with.

Wanted: Cloud Expertise

IT organizations can harness expert professional services and cloud deployment expertise under “one roof.” And they can access vendor-neutral cloud and network ecosystems that will help expedite cloud adoption while lowering risks and costs.

Microsoft Envision Looks Toward the Future

The Microsoft Envision conference (April 4 – 6 in New Orleans) looks beyond the horizon and previews the shape of business and technology in the future. From business leaders such as PayPal’s president and CEO, Dan Schulman, to explorers such as NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently returned from his historic record-breaking “Year in Space,” visionaries from all industries will be sharing their thoughts on where we are heading.