The Value of Right-Brain Use in a Left-Brain World

Artist Gregory Burns worries that too many people in the corporate world are only using half of their brains. They are really working that left half hard, though. That’s the analytical side of the brain, the logical side concerned with reason, math and facts. It’s doing a lot of important work in a high-tech haven like Silicon Valley, where Equinix is headquartered, but it rarely picks up a paintbrush. That’s right-brain territory.

Meet Equinix: Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect, Making the Enterprise More Agile and Cloud-Connected

In this month’s “Meet Equinix” article, we’re speaking to Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect (GSA) in Zurich, Switzerland. Frank is helping customers transform their networks to handle today’s data deluge and establish higher-performing and more flexible cloud connections.

A Better Defense Against DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not a good news topic, and the news about them seems to only be getting worse. Organizations need to do whatever they can to detect and mitigate an assault on their systems as fast as possible. A DDoS-mitigation solution developed by F5 Networks, called F5 Silverline, is now available via the Equinix Cloud Exchange and can help the enterprise do just that.

The Enterprise of the Future: Realizing the Full Business Impact of Interconnection

Equinix Enterprise of the Future report provides significant insights into what 1,000 IT decision-makers consider their strategic business and IT priorities.

SoftLayer Centers of Gravity – What Enterprises Really Want

Direct interconnection between SoftLayer Direct Link and the Equinix Cloud Exchange enable high performance applications in the cloud.

Leveraging Clouds to Delivery High Performance APIs

Cloud providers have caught on to the API craze and are providing gateways to high-performance APIs in the cloud.

Forbes Names Equinix One of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies”

Equinix lands on the Forbes list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies.”

Making Sense of Cloud Formations

With various forecasts and cloud predictions floating around, it is hard to make sense of what cloud formations (private, public, hybrid, multi) enterprises should invest in.

Executing for Faster Speed to Market

Real-time, digital collaboration with business partners and customer data analytics is helping enterprises execute faster time to market.

451 Research Reports on Data Center Networking Transformation that Leverages the Cloud

451 Research discusses how new data and application services, including the cloud, are putting more stress on current data center network infrastructures.