Wealth Managers Need Interconnection To Protect Alt Data Advantage

The wealth management industry is facing a time of unprecedented change. Challenges such as shifting demographics, changing client expectations, automated advisory tools and ongoing regulatory demands are driving digital transformation and reshaping the competitive landscape.

Four Key Reasons Why Digital Transformation is not just a Buzz Word: Part One

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but also looking at it from different perspectives. The forum was special as it allowed for a wider understanding to be developed by embracing and integrating the views of many cross-industry players. Part one of this two-part blog covers four key takeaways that stood out from the discussion at the event.

The Future of the Digital Wallet Is (Almost) Here

A future with digital wallets must be a highly interconnected future. Tasks as basic as buying a coffee require a community of service providers working together instantly and seamlessly. Direct and secure interconnection between the multiple parties involved is essential for high-performance transactions, customer satisfaction and digital wallet growth.

Take A Look Inside a Financial Services Hub

The Equinix-based financial services ecosystem in New York is one of the most important financial services ecosystems in the world, bringing together the biggest players in the global markets for ever-faster transactions and connectivit

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence — Insights from FT Innovate

Researchers at the University of Surrey took an in-depth look at the transformative power of MI, a process of sophisticated algorithms that can undertake non-routine, cognitive tasks to supplement or ultimately replace human intelligence.

How Clouds are Creating Blockchain Opportunities for Banks

To ensure the legitimacy and security of each transaction using distributed ledger technology, a shared public ledger, or transaction record called the “blockchain,” is kept. Blockchain records and verifies all transactions across a public network of distributed participants in a chain that is open and visible to all.

How Interconnection Increased Global Data Flows by 45X: McKinsey Reveals the Digitally Interconnected Global Economy

Enterprises worldwide are facing a massive wave of digital disruption that’s causing them to rethink their current business and IT deployment models. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) sums up the situation well, describing the meteoric rise of what it calls the “digitally interconnected global economy."

Q: What’s next for money? A: Interconnected Commerce!

While the current payments ecosystem is robust, stable, reliable, and mature, it lacks flexiblility, fluidity, and extensiblilty. But one thing is becoming clear: while the core payments processing system is really good at payments, it’s not very good at much else.

Talking Flexibility, Freedom and Cross Connects With Lucera’s CEO

Lucera enters this mix as a company created to help customers deal with huge volumes of market data, rising network costs, complex regulation and a latency arms race that’s being fought in microseconds. Its Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform is built to give customers cost-effective access to the speed, flexibility and scale they need to compete.

Trading on Technology

With recent regulatory reforms and market structure updates, the country has a lot to offer to traders looking to expand in the Asia-Pacific region.