Equinix German Expansion Accelerates Global Digital Business

Today, we are announcing the purchase of a new facility in Hamburg (HH1) that will enable us to serve the digital business needs of businesses in the northern part of the country. This will expand our reach to a number of new customers - including many multinationals - in Germany’s already thriving financial services, manufacturing, transportation, gaming, healthcare and retail industries.

The IoT, Industry 4.0, and maintenance in a digital age

Companies often see fast and significant value from predictive maintenance initiatives, and they are becoming more prevalent. A new report written by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) and sponsored by Equinix indicates 55% of companies are at least piloting predictive maintenance initiatives.

The Future of IT: A Look at Blockchain and Quantum Computing

Innovation and great ideas can be instantly shared worldwide in the digital era, but even the most seamless electronic collaborations can’t replace the value of eye contact, a handshake and the chance to trade opinions and insights with respected peers face-to-face. That kind of information exchange is often inspiring, and Equinix and The Economic Council were looking to enable it when we recently partnered to host a delegation of German IT executives and members of the German and EU parliament in Silicon Valley.

6 Interesting Facts & Photos from the new Equinix Data Center in Frankfurt

Yesterday, we officially opened our newest IBX data center in Frankfurt, FR6. Here are six interesting facts about FR6 and amazing impressions of the launch of our newest datacenter.

How Frankfurt Connects Europe

This proximity to the digital edge extends Frankfurt’s relevance beyond that of a hub for finance and business – and makes Frankfurt a gateway to a thriving interconnected world.

Taking the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) Out of Deploying Clouds in Germany

Klaas has been working in the telecommunications industry his entire professional life, starting as a network administrator and “working up” to plan and design multinational WANs for global companies. He learned how to design and build his first data center “by doing” and addresses many problems in general IT by trying to find effective and creative ways to overcome them.

AWS Direct Connect Debuts in Germany in Boost to Growing Cloud Market

Europe’s rapidly expanding cloud market got a significant boost this week as Equinix and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that the AWS Direct Connect cloud service is now available in all 10 Equinix data centers in Germany.

Frankfurt: European Gateway to Global Trading

Financial centers are more than just trading engines. They also need world-class post-trade and payment services.

SFTI: Your Single Connection to Global Financial Markets

If your firm is looking to grow trading operations globally, the NYSE Technologies-Equinix partnership not only enables that but, in doing so, offers reduced connectivity costs, enhanced performance and simplified trading architecture.