European CIOs Invest in Hybrid Cloud to Accelerate Digital Transformation

These three factors are influencing greater “cloud confidence” and adoption in the region, specifically at the digital edge where there are higher concentrations of users, applications, data and clouds.

Accelerating Oracle Cloud Data and App Access

This week’s Oracle CloudWorld conference in New York City covered a wide range of topics, all focusing on the digital transformation that Oracle offers its IT and business customers through its diverse cloud PaaS and IaaS offerings. I was among the presenters and led a session where I discussed “Digital Transformation Through Interconnection.”

6 Ways Cloud Analytics Is Better, Faster, Cheaper

Analytics is one of those business functions that is a perfect fit for public or hybrid clouds. Companies are turning to cloud-based analytics for easier access to increasing amounts of data, greater data sharing and collaboration, faster insights and time to value, and to reduce operational costs.

5 Common Hybrid Cloud Mistakes to Avoid

Hybrid cloud’s balance of control and flexibility gives it a lot of advantages. However, there are some pitfalls to overcome when implementing a workable hybrid cloud.

Multi-Cloud Convergence Hits a Tipping Point – 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #1

Forrester predicts 2017 will be the tipping point for cloud adoption and sees a convergence of multiple clouds across the enterprise as “CIOs step up to orchestrate cloud ecosystems that connect employees, customers, partners, vendors and devices to serve rising customer expectations.”

Forrester: Cloud Exchanges Clearing Path to Better Network Performance

As the enterprise increasingly adopts cloud, more business-critical applications are moving into cloud environments, and high network performance needs to move there with them – service quality can’t be guaranteed without it. But how can companies ensure they can deliver it?

Why Hybrid IT Can Be a More Cost-Effective and Practical Choice

single, “one size fits all” solution. For example, increased investment to modernize IT is critical, but tight budgets also need to cover growing costs for power, cooling, sustainability and the expert staff to manage the infrastructure.

F5 and Equinix: Hybrid Cloud Application Services Without Compromise

Enterprise customers and cloud service providers (CSPs) have always shared custody over securing and controlling enterprise application migration to the cloud. So nothing falls through the cracks, hybrid cloud workloads and applications need to work harmoniously over both existing on-premises and public cloud infrastructures. Sounds easy, right?

Why Cloud Bursting Isn’t Taking Off: Latency and Complexity for Starters

Cloud bursting is one of those concepts with benefits that seem obvious and straightforward: Why pay for all the server, storage, infrastructure and management resources to cover occasional peak loads when you can “burst” to servers in the cloud during peak demand?

How VMware and Equinix Interconnect vCloud Air to the Enterprise

Businesses can now deploy high-performance, secure VMware-based hybrid clouds