Do You Have a Digital Edge Strategy?

By working closely with our customers to help them develop their digital edge strategies, we have identified four essential steps that, when combined, speed digital transformation and remove performance, cloud, security and data challenges at the edge.

Equinix and Oracle®: Unlocking the Future with Cloud Adjacency

Cloud has gone mainstream. No longer a tactical solution in the experimentation phase, cloud is a core business enabler, providing improved agility and speed to market, faster innovation, scalability, enhanced productivity and cost optimization.

How to Converse in Cloud: The Race Toward IT Transformation Starts with Hybrid Cloud

In this segment of our “How to Converse in Cloud” series, we look at some of the ways hybrid cloud is leading the pack of cloud contenders toward an IT transformation finish line. But first, some definitions.

Enterprise Monitoring Explained: How monitoring the enterprise becomes an opportunity for greater customer satisfaction

Managing the growth of an enterprise IT infrastructure and adhering to SLAs is one of the key responsibilities of enterprise IT teams and drivers of customer satisfaction. Today’s monitoring tools and products have absorbed so many enterprise use cases from data center, cloud and hybrid hosting environments, and have grown significantly as a specialty domain in global IT.

4 Lessons Learned From Moving to Hybrid IT

Here are four lessons learned from working with customers to help them develop and deploy hybrid IT infrastructures.

Why Hybrid IT Can Be a More Cost-Effective and Practical Choice

single, “one size fits all” solution. For example, increased investment to modernize IT is critical, but tight budgets also need to cover growing costs for power, cooling, sustainability and the expert staff to manage the infrastructure.

How Direct Connection and Oracle Optimize Your Path to Hybrid Cloud

At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week, we'll be talking with Oracle customers about how they can gain direct and secure interconnection to Oracle Cloud at Equinix and develop the hybrid cloud solutions that work for them.

Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Adoption through Hybrid IT

More and more enterprises are choosing to deploy “hybrid IT” to maximize their application performance while achieving a balance between the security and reliability of the private cloud and the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud.