Data Demands Are Skyrocketing! Here’s How Companies Cope

Proximity is the answer because it shortens the distance between your data and what it needs to connect with. It gives you the power to integrate data across disparate sources, resources, and analytics in real time. That translates into faster data access, a better user experience, and more valuable insights.

The Rise of the Interconnected Megacity

As our communities become more connected, digital technologies have the potential to help our cities run better, improve our public services, and enrich our safety and quality of life.

How Digital Enriches the Global Economy

Digitalization brings people, data and things together in previously impossible ways. The result? A fresh generation of digital services and business partnerships that would have been pretty tough to imagine just a few short years ago.

The 6 Top Industries That Are Driving Greater Interconnection

How are companies using Interconnection to scale as digital businesses? That is just one of the many things that the “Global Interconnection Index” market study was created to find out.

How to Architect Your IT to Scale for Interconnection Demand

As the global economy goes digital, data traffic is reaching unheard of levels, and the need for the Interconnection Bandwidth capacity to handle it is also increasing. That’s all crystal clear – and quantifiable for the first time – based on the data and projections in the new “Global Interconnection Index,” market study published by Equinix.

Is Interconnection Maturity the Key to Scaling Digital Business?

The Global Interconnection Index provides insights into the trends driving the massive need for Interconnection created by digital transformation and projects how Interconnection is increasingly growing in response to those trends worldwide.

Scaling Interconnection in a Radically New World

To better understand the critical role interconnection is playing in the global economy and its future trajectory, we have published the “Global Interconnection Index,” a new research study that provides the industry’s first, annual global baseline to track, measure and forecast the growth of Interconnection.