INFOGRAPHIC: The Four Eras of the Digital Economy

When it comes to connectivity, each era of the digital economy has introduced innovations that fostered new forms of interaction. We’ve gone from connecting machines and people so they can share information to online collaboration and real-time participation. Just as PCs, networking gear and Web apps revolutionized previous digital eras, interconnection is this era’s game-changer.

Infographic: Enabling the Mobile Video Ecosystem

At the DTG Summit 2015 we shared a new infographic which was created to illustrate the end to end ecosystem and, by charting that, help foster further collaboration with other key innovators and enablers throughout the industry.

INFOGRAPHIC: Never Miss a Connection

The generation of terabits of data, driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, the advent of social media and the paradigm shift of cloud computing is putting data centers at the heart of the digital economy.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Makes RJ2 the Best Option for your Business?

What makes RJ2 in Rio de Janeiro the best option for your business? Let this fun infographic tell you.

INFOGRAPHIC: What makes Equinix Tokyo your most dependable data center choice?

Our data centers in Tokyo give you direct access to key Internet Exchange partners, such as BBIX, JPIX and JPNAP, and Japan’s two largest financial exchanges: TFX and TOCOM. But there’s more.

INFOGRAPHIC: What makes Equinix Singapore your first choice for data centers?

What’s the connection between Equinix and A380s, durians and Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue? Find out from this fun infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC: What makes Equinix Shanghai your first choice for data centers?

Some say China is the dragon and Shanghai is its head. If you want to be in China, you need to be in Shanghai. Find out how Equinix Shanghai can help you get into the vast China market from this, fun and informative infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC: What makes Equinix Hong Kong your most Dependable Data Center Choice?

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most connected cities. Find out what makes Equinix your most dependable data center choice in Hong Kong in this fun, yet illuminating, infographic.