Taking the Grand Internet Exchange Tour

From a fledgling start in some key U.S. metro locations, the Equinix Internet Exchange™ (IX) and its associated NSP/ISP peering ecosystem have grown to span almost all corners of our business around the world, and continues to expand and evolve in our global Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers.

Resilient Internet Services

A multi-IX model that has proximity, low-latency and a high quality of experience in mind will need to be established, such as regional peering. Regional peering satisfies proximity demands between ISPs and their customers. It also creates even greater resilience in service delivery.

451 Research Spells Out Interconnection – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The world is demanding more and more public and private interconnections. However, network-dense interconnection facilities are not easily replicated. Still, global competition among colocation interconnection providers is increasing in both small and large markets.

Successfully Fending Off Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

An innovative interconnection solution is mitigating DDoS attacks before they can cause the costly damage they have traditionally wrought on the Internet community.

Infographic: Enabling the Mobile Video Ecosystem

At the DTG Summit 2015 we shared a new infographic which was created to illustrate the end to end ecosystem and, by charting that, help foster further collaboration with other key innovators and enablers throughout the industry.

The IT Shopping Mall – “This Place Has Got Everything!”

"One-stop shopping” accessibility gives enterprises of all sizes the flexibility to extend or replace critical IT capabilities and grow their business in new directions.

To Find the Cloud’s Future, Look Backward

We’ve been connecting networks to the “next big thing” for as long as we’ve been there to do it. The next big thing is cloud. Why would 16 years of shared success with network service providers suddenly stop in the cloud?