Efficient Encryption Key Management for Blockchain Applications

Nearly every industry is investigating potential applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT), also known by the more popular term—blockchain. According to the Deloitte 2018 Global Blockchain Survey 74 percent of organizations responding to the survey recognize a “compelling business case” for blockchain applications.

Un-blocking the Chain

While public blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, capture many daily headlines, looking back at 2018, private blockchain networks made headway and could prove to be a game changer in financial services, supply chain, government and healthcare industries.

Accelerating Blockchain Technology Adoption

Blockchain is one of those exciting innovative technologies that plays right into the Equinix DNA. We see a clear path on how Equinix will contribute to its successful adoption and deployment by enabling the global reach of blockchain systems, interconnecting blockchain supplier and consumer ecosystems, and integrating new blockchain technologies with existing legacy infrastructures.

Wealth managers need interconnection as customer demands, digital capabilities evolve

It’s been nearly a decade since the 2008 market crash, but the wealth management industry is still dealing with elevated consumer caution and the regulatory reforms that followed. Meanwhile, technologically savvy investors are demanding new digital tools. It adds up to major disruption, but there’s big opportunity in digital to help new entrants break in and established companies catch up and lead. It all takes Interconnection – the direct, private data exchange between businesses, and firms appear to know it.

The Future of the Digital Wallet Is (Almost) Here

A future with digital wallets must be a highly interconnected future. Tasks as basic as buying a coffee require a community of service providers working together instantly and seamlessly. Direct and secure interconnection between the multiple parties involved is essential for high-performance transactions, customer satisfaction and digital wallet growth.

How the Electronic Trading Industry Can Continue to Drive Change

To survive, electronic trading firms must adapt. And there is a way for companies to architect their IT to find the agility needed to continue to deliver low latency, maximize collaboration, gain new data insight – all while staying ahead of evolving regulatory requirements.

Harnessing a AWS Hybrid Cloud Architecture in the Digital Payments Ecosystem

An interconnection-first, hybrid cloud strategy offers digital payments companies greater performance, scalability, security and reliability, while enabling them to deploy their own infrastructure or leverage AWS Direct Connect on Platform Equinix™.

The Age of Interconnected Commerce – 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #5

This rapid growth in interconnected commerce creates big incentives for companies to innovate, maximize technology or try out new business models. Here’s some of what we see coming in digital commerce in 2017.

Payment Companies Embracing a New Way in Digital Pay

Last month as part of the Interdependence Day speaking series, Equinix and the Business Development Institute brought together representatives of several of the ecosystems that need to collaborate to make digital payments happen.

How to Make Processing Mobile Payments Look Easy (It Isn’t)

Equinix believes mobile payments companies can deliver the best user experience by deploying IT right in the middle of the various ecosystems that must interact to make a mobile transaction happen. And we can bring them there.