10 Photos of Equinix Los Angeles – The Center of Interconnection & Entertainment

The LA IBX data centers are also the home of global subsea cable landing stations (CLSs) that interconnect metros worldwide over high-speed submarine cable systems to carry massive amounts of content and digital media (CDM) traffic between globally distributed filming locations and production and post-production partners.

Fuel Cells Make Interconnection More Sustainable

Our recent agreement to expand the use of Bloom Energy fuel cells in our data centers is one key way we’re decreasing the overall impact of a growing digital economy on the planet. According to research in the Global Interconnection Index, a new market study published by Equinix, Interconnection Bandwidth capacity is projected to reach an estimated 5,000 terabits per second by 2020. That kind of interconnection will require significant power output to support it.

Data Center Cooling Idea Makes Waves

The goal is to slash monstrous data center cooling costs via a 38,000-pound, submerged, water-proof data center container and leveraging the natural cooling capabilities of the ocean. Microsoft recently submerged a 10 by 7-foot capsule, 30 feet underwater for 105 days to test for leakage and cooling potential. The company may eventually even incorporate turbines to use tidal energy to generate lower cost, sustainable electricity.

Equinix Gets on Board with FASTER Undersea Cable Connecting U.S. and Asia

The FASTER system, which is scheduled to begin operating during the second quarter of 2016, will cover 5,600 miles and have peak capacity of 60 terabits per second. At that speed, you could transfer the entire contents of a 1 terabyte hard drive in less than 1/7 of a second.

LA3 IBX Awarded Rebate for Energy Efficiency

Equinix’s Los Angeles data centers became the proud recipient of a rebate from Southern California Edison (SCE) for upgrades to the facility that helped boost energy efficiency