Planning for the IoT: How the right upfront decisions can mean better performance, scalability and security

While security is a hot topic for the architects of IoT devices and applications, good IoT infrastructure planning shouldn’t stop there, and should also include best practices for IoT interconnection at the digital edge.

Mobile Is the Driver as Programmatic Ads Become Dominant

Consumers have long accepted that marketers are collecting data from their online lives to learn their interests and preferences, and many now expect ads geared specifically to them. So it makes sense that programmatic buying – with the fast, audience-centric approach it fosters – is completely dominating the digital display ad industry.

Shorten the Distance to Drive Better Digital Business Performance

For today’s high-transaction digital businesses, shortening the distance between two endpoints requires direct, proximate connections that deliver ultra-low latency, coming in at less than 20 milliseconds. Let's take a look at how this plays out in the real-world.

What’s Different About This Ring Going Around Rio?

A group of 45 Summer Games hopefuls, all sponsored by Visa, were given the wearable Visa payment ring to make purchases in and around Rio de Janeiro. The ring uses the same near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables users to make purchases with smartphones using “Pay” applications from Android, Apple or Samsung.

The Internet of Things and Staying Healthy

In our “Things in the Internet of Things” series, we try to make the IoT less about what’s possible tomorrow and more about what’s happening today. And since everyone enjoys being healthy, we thought we’d look at some things in the IoT that aim to keep us that way.

Unreal: Virtual Reality Tech Dominating at Mobile World Congress ‘16

Virtual reality products are dominating the exhibition at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The term “virtual reality” has been kicked around the industry for years, but until now we’ve never had the processing power, camera technology or connectivity to enable true virtual reality (VR) solutions. And for that reason, there is palpable excitement buzzing through the crowds gathered around the new VR products at the show.

A Better Game? Football’s Data-Driven Tech Ramps Up Insights, Strategy

Here’s a look at some of football’s new tech. Some of it will be available on the field in Santa Clara on Super Bowl Sunday, some of it won’t. But it’s all pretty cool.

The Holiday Shopping Surge Looms; Firms That Moved to the Middle Are Ready

Predictions vary about consumer spending this holiday season, but there's agreement about this: More holiday purchases than ever will be made with a mobile device.

Fitbit IPO Hits Big, Signals Broader Shift in Consumer Expectations

Fitbit’s success also signals a paradigm shift in how people interact with the digital world. Fitbit’s calorie-counting, workout-tracking users are similar to people everywhere who now customize their online experiences and tailor them to meet their changing needs. Companies must start thinking about incorporating these evolving user requirements into their strategies, because those that don’t will struggle.

Alibaba, Mobile, India and You: Mary Meeker and What’s Trending Now

We at Equinix can’t sum up the 197-page report in one blog post. But we can talk about some of what we found most interesting