Unreal: Virtual Reality Tech Dominating at Mobile World Congress ‘16

Virtual reality products are dominating the exhibition at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The term “virtual reality” has been kicked around the industry for years, but until now we’ve never had the processing power, camera technology or connectivity to enable true virtual reality (VR) solutions. And for that reason, there is palpable excitement buzzing through the crowds gathered around the new VR products at the show.

Mobile Operators Need More From LTE as it Turns Tween

The time has come for LTE roaming to expand both in-country footprint and enable international travel.

The Flood is Coming: Why Your Mobile Data Strategy is Critical

It’s imperative for companies to prepare for this massive increase in traffic now, before it’s a crisis.

As Apple Pay Rolls Out, Equinix is Ready for a Mobile Payments Revolution

Apple’s attempt to replace credit cards and, ultimately, your wallet with

Equinix’s Lillie Takes Home Silicon Valley CIO of the Year Award

Lillie said relationships have been critical in helping Equinix’s move forward. He said some of Equinix’s most exciting innovations have come from listening to starts-ups and being willing to take a chance on a young company that has great technology and vision and passion.

Cloud-Enabled Identity Management: Security Challenges

In a new age of increased mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to the office, Equinix CIO Brian Lillie explains why "Fortress Enterprise" is a thing of the past...

Breaking the Bandwidth Bottleneck

With over one–third of the world’s population now actively online, Asian consumers continue to display an insatiable appetite for new devices, digital content and constant connectivity...

2012 Could Be a Great Year for Networks

Carrier businesses may agree 2008 – 2011 was a very difficult period for the industry. However, bad times don't last forever and there are glimmers of light on the horizon for the Networks industry...

Enabling the Mobile Ecosystem

Mobile network operators (MNOs) have a problem. Given their current architecture, they face a significant gap...

Capacity Europe 2011: Cooperation in Action

A panel of speakers at Capacity Europe 2011 agree on the pressures facing the industry (revenues vs traffic), and that the industry will undergo a period of extended consolidation and partnership...