Delivering the Value of Microsoft Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud

An IOA strategy prescribes a proven and repeatable architectural framework that both enterprises and service providers can leverage to directly and securely connect people, locations, clouds and data. It is this Interconnection-first approach that drivesconsistent Azure Stackhybrid clouddeployments within our global data centers.

Combatting Cyber-Crime with an Interconnection-First Approach

Cybersecurity is a critical challenge for many of today’s businesses – it has moved from being an issue for the IT team to a vital board-level agenda item. These security disruptions can have a long-lasting reputational damage and impact customer experience which if not handled properly can result in business revenue loss.

Clouds at the Digital Edge: Making the most out of digital IT with multi-cloud connectivity

By mixing and matching your company's business needs to the best cloud services, you have the opportunity to create a more agile, flexible and scalable IT service delivery infrastructure that better supports your organization's digital business goals. But are you making the most out of this new dynamic, digital environment?

Multi-Cloud Convergence Hits a Tipping Point – 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #1

Forrester predicts 2017 will be the tipping point for cloud adoption and sees a convergence of multiple clouds across the enterprise as “CIOs step up to orchestrate cloud ecosystems that connect employees, customers, partners, vendors and devices to serve rising customer expectations.”

7 Bold Predictions for the Connected Enterprise

We can’t predict the future of the entire IT industry, but we sit at an unusually good vantage point at Equinix to make an educated, data-driven forecast about what we see coming. That’s because we have the capability to look at what’s trending with more than 8,000 customers across 21 markets within ecosystems that sit at the center of cloud, IoT and analytics growth. And the patterns we are seeing show a massive digital transformation under way.

How Interconnected Clouds Can Boost Your Performance for Less Cost

The big move to multi-cloud is on, with 82% of today’s enterprises embracing a multi-cloud strategy. Today's businesses understand that different application workloads require different types of cloud services to perform, whether they are private, public or hybrid.

Why Cloud Bursting Isn’t Taking Off: Latency and Complexity for Starters

Cloud bursting is one of those concepts with benefits that seem obvious and straightforward: Why pay for all the server, storage, infrastructure and management resources to cover occasional peak loads when you can “burst” to servers in the cloud during peak demand?

3 Ways Multi-Cloud Exchanges Can Simplify Hybrid IT

Cloud exchanges can go a long way toward simplifying the provisioning, orchestration and management across multiple clouds, as well as enhancing cloud access performance and scalability.

How Telnyx Is Delivering Voice over Multi-Cloud

Telnyx leverages an IOA to solve one of the industry’s hardest communications problems and to deliver high-performance VoIP services to its enterprise customers worldwide. This same interconnection-first strategy can work for any enterprise or service provider facing connectivity obstacles – in particular, interconnecting people, locations, clouds and data.

Gartner: Why Interconnection Is the Glue for Digital Business

The ability to integrate multiple applications, data types and data sources in a secure, predictable, lower-latency fashion will spell the difference between digital business success and failure.