Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables Oracle® Cloud Platform customers to achieve greater hybrid and multicloud performance

Equinix Cloud Exchange™ is a vital component for enterprises and service providers deploying a hybrid or multicloud environment. It is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access via virtualized connections to multiple clouds and networks across the globe.

What’s the State of the Cloud? Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud on the Rise

RightScale’s latest annual State of the Cloud survey shows private cloud is now playing a smaller role in both the hybrid and multicloud story as enterprises look to expand their public cloud use. The RightScale research showed that private cloud adoption fell to 72%, down from the 77% reported in the company’s 2016 survey.

Optimizing Multicloud Interconnection at the Digital Edge

The best way to achieve public, private, hybrid and multicloud interconnection is to first leverage smaller, distributed, connected data centers at the digital edge.

How to Converse in Cloud: The Race Toward IT Transformation Starts with Hybrid Cloud

In this segment of our “How to Converse in Cloud” series, we look at some of the ways hybrid cloud is leading the pack of cloud contenders toward an IT transformation finish line. But first, some definitions.

Forrester: Cloud Exchanges Clearing Path to Better Network Performance

As the enterprise increasingly adopts cloud, more business-critical applications are moving into cloud environments, and high network performance needs to move there with them – service quality can’t be guaranteed without it. But how can companies ensure they can deliver it?

Unlocking the Mysteries of Multi-Cloud Formation

Enterprises are discovering that not just one cloud, or even one type of cloud, is enough to meet their needs to compete in the digital economy. They need a private cloud to access sensitive data.

2015: The Rise of the Multicloud Enterprise  

Here are some critical trends in 2015 that we believe are making cloud more integral than ever in how companies conduct business well into the future.

Top Five Ways the Enterprise is Putting the Cloud to Work

71% enterprise cloud customers surveyed are running external-facing production applications in the cloud, up from 60% in their previous year’s report.

From One to Many: Welcome to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Mode

The transition of the cloud market sector is fascinating to be part of, particularly in a digitally sophisticated region such as Australia, which has diverse needs and increasingly complex data appetites.

And the Winner is: The Multi-cloud

A global survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, of more than 650 IT decision makers worldwide, uncovered a number of trends in cloud adoption strategies that will be realized in 2015. Participants answered questions on everything from the cloud deployments they are planning to where their cloud infrastructures will reside to how they’ll be interconnected. The results paint a picture of a multi-cloud future that may surprise you.