Reduce CapEx While Maximizing Performance with NFV

Cloud technologies have transformed not only the provisioning and delivery of computing services, but also IT business and financial models. Enterprises have delegated management of an ever-increasing amount of their IT infrastructure to cloud service providers, due to the realization of significant capital expenditure (CapEx) savings through the economies of scale delivered by the cloud.

Why Connected Cars Are Driving Companies Out to the Network Edge

The connected car of tomorrow is coming, and, frankly, it’s going

Meet Equinix: Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect, Making the Enterprise More Agile and Cloud-Connected

In this month’s “Meet Equinix” article, we’re speaking to Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect (GSA) in Zurich, Switzerland. Frank is helping customers transform their networks to handle today’s data deluge and establish higher-performing and more flexible cloud connections.

Next-Gen Telecommunications Trends

For most carriers and network and cloud service providers, the big question is: How do you compete in a world of next-gen telecom?

Network Functions Virtualization: Into the Light

In the spring and summer of 1901, something unexpected began to stir in Barcelona’s art world. A strange malaise began to take hold of Pablo Picasso, one of the bright young artists of the European avant-garde. Gone were the vibrant and bright hues that had made his name, and in their place emerged a monochrome view of the world that spoke of melancholy and depression. The Blue Period had begun.

Interconnecting Clouds and Networks for Industry Innovation

GSA Bryson Hopkins discusses how we help customers create a strategy that defines which transformative steps are best for doing business in their industry.

Talk of Subsea Cables and the Growing Cloud on Tap at PTC ’16

The PTC's annual conference kicks off next week for what organizers say is a time to re-imagine the possibilities of the modern telecommunications ecosystem.

Take Control With SD-WAN

When it comes to wide area networks (WANs), enterprises face the challenge of balancing high availability, performance and costs. Software-defined WAN can help.

The Future Brings Quantum Leaps in Interconnection

Quantum computing could someday enable instant information transfer to anywhere. But businesses don’t have to wait for secure, low-latency interconnection.

Dispelling the Cloud Peering Myth

“Cloud peering,” is often mistakenly equated to “network peering.” The two terms may be similar, but they solve different problems in fundamentally different ways.