Maneuvering the Data Privacy Maze

Encryption has been the primary mechanism to protect data since public key encryption was invented in 1976. Encryption does not allow data to be “seen,” and generally applies to three data states: “in transit” data moving between different places, “at rest” data on disk and “in memory” data currently being processed on a system.

Why Companies Are Jumping Into Data Lakes

A data lake is a storage mechanism designed to facilitate the colocation and use of many different types of data, including data that is date-defined using various schemata, structural frameworks, blobs and other files.

How to Build Up Your IoT Security, Confidence and Trust

The ability to transparently observe, monitor and report IoT data anomalies and breaches via IoT audit points will be paramount to instill business and consumer security, confidence and trust in the Internet of Things.

Business Leaders to Weigh in on Ireland’s Increasing Colocation Appeal

Ireland’s lure as prime location for data center colocation is intensifying, and the acquisition of TelecityGroup by Equinix in January is a big reason why. The arrival of Equinix in Ireland has given locally-hosted businesses access to interconnection on a grand scale. Now, organizations can reach 40 global markets on five continents.