Business and Professional Services Tap Digital Technologies to Stay Competitive

According to the second annual Global Interconnection Index (the GXI)[i], a market study published by Equinix, major macro, technology and regulatory trends are converging to drive the need for Interconnection - the direct and private traffic exchange between key business partners.

The Anatomy of an IaaS Migration in the Energy Industry

Cloud computing involves virtualization, dynamically moving workloads between on-premises and cloud platforms, and an increased reliance on third parties for many types of IT functions. This makes well-thought-out and documented processes, policies and procedures even more important than in a more static and manual environment.

The Big Boom is Here for Professional Services

Business is booming for professional services as enterprises look to outsource more functions, so they can accelerate digital transformation. It’s exciting stuff, but the pace of change in this market is making it a challenge for many established players to keep up with newer, sometimes more agile competitors.

How to Overcome Common Hybrid Cloud Security Issues

Planning a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure can be challenging, mainly because many enterprises don't have available staff or expertise. Look for a partner that has broad cloud expertise and experience, as well as access to a dense ecosystem of cloud and cloud security service providers that offer solutions such as Infrastructure-Protection-as-a-Service or protection against DDoS attacks.

Wanted: Cloud Expertise

IT organizations can harness expert professional services and cloud deployment expertise under “one roof.” And they can access vendor-neutral cloud and network ecosystems that will help expedite cloud adoption while lowering risks and costs.

No Magic Clouds: How to Plan for the Greatest Cloud Cost Efficiency

The reality is that the enterprise needs to account for significant costs related to cloud migration, implementation, security and residency in a public cloud. There’s no such thing as a magic cloud. Companies must have solid business reasons to consider cloud, and must have a well-planned and well- architected cloud migration.

Professional Services that Transform Cloud and Data Center IT

Today’s enterprises are being bombarded with disruptive technologies from all sides ̶ cloud computing, mobile, Internet of Things, big data, just to name a few. At the same time, businesses are under tremendous pressure to bring solutions to market faster, at lower cost and with far fewer resources.