Software-Defined Everything

The dynamic and interactive characteristics of these technologies demand more elasticity than today’s legacy backbone networks can deliver, as well as more flexible, agile and cost-effective low-latency and high-bandwidth connections to handle the digital deluge. In fact, the Global Interconnection Index predicts that by 2020, digital business will require over 5,000 terabits of Interconnection Bandwidth capacity to privately exchange data between businesses, outpacing the overall global growth of IP traffic, the internet and MPLS networks.

Subsea cable momentum enables Equinix to catch the next wave

Subsea cables are a major focus of the ongoing PTC ’18 conference. Equinix is here in Hawaii – led by Equinix’s Americas President Karl Strohmeyer– to participate in numerous panels as speakers or moderators, and to generally take on a thought leadership role in an industry that’s expanding in size and influence. Equinix is all-in on subsea cables, and our focus on delivering interconnection makes them essential to our future.

5 Pivotal Trends Emerging from PTC 2017

I always look forward to attending Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conferences because they’re excellent bellwethers of things to come, and not just in the networking industry, but all that networking touches. In this increasingly interconnected world, that includes just about everything.

The Cloud Points Providers and Enterprises Toward an Interconnected Future

In a world of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), fast, secure and reliable multi-cloud interconnections are becoming an absolute must for enterprises and their cloud and network service providers. That’s why to survive, cloud and network services providers and their enterprise customers must have an interconnection-first strategic mindset

A Look Back at PTC 2016: Reimagining Telecommunications

PTC attendees were focusing on how to interconnect to and scale the cloud service stack more dynamically, from both network and cloud perspectives, with technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) access services.

The Evolving Networks: Ways to Improve Service and Better Serve the Enterprise

Specific ways Equinix has been able to help NSPs improve their services and better serve their customers.