How to Develop and Document a Winning Cloud Strategy

As with any significant business and technology transformation, the plan, process, policies and procedures underlying any cloud evolution should dictate a well-documented, living strategy that is agreed to, socialized, adhered to and regularly updated in support of an enterprise’s cloud journey. Moving to the cloud and leveraging the digital edge without a clear direction and well-thought out strategy can result in significant issues down the road for an enterprise in terms of time, resources, costs and missed expectations and goals.

What’s the State of the Cloud? Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud on the Rise

RightScale’s latest annual State of the Cloud survey shows private cloud is now playing a smaller role in both the hybrid and multicloud story as enterprises look to expand their public cloud use. The RightScale research showed that private cloud adoption fell to 72%, down from the 77% reported in the company’s 2016 survey.

An Easier Cloud Migration for the Enterprise

While cloud migration has become more common, it hasn’t become worry-free. According to a survey by the Cloud Security Alliance, the biggest concern for 68% of companies moving systems of record to the cloud is the ability to enforce corporate security policies. The next biggest concern, cited by 61% of respondents, is complying with regulatory requirements.

Wanted: Cloud Expertise

IT organizations can harness expert professional services and cloud deployment expertise under “one roof.” And they can access vendor-neutral cloud and network ecosystems that will help expedite cloud adoption while lowering risks and costs.

Hyper-Convergence Supercharges Hybrid Clouds

Hyper-convergence has nearly matched the agility and scalability of the public cloud, so the decision becomes more of a business one: Should you own or rent your infrastructure? At Equinix, we see nearly all of our Fortune 5000 customers choosing both. Being able to deploy workloads in either fashion and move them back and forth is where everyone wants to be - this is a true hybrid cloud.

RightScale’s State of the Multi-Cloud Looks Good

There are a lot of barometers of cloud adoption these days, and one that we look forward to seeing each year is the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report. RightScale, an Equinix partner, surveys over 1,000 large enterprises and small and medium (SMB) businesses about their moves into the cloud. When we compare the RightScale findings with other analyst surveys, and our own experiences at Equinix, we see similar trends among cloud adopters.

Making Sense of Cloud Formations

With various forecasts and cloud predictions floating around, it is hard to make sense of what cloud formations (private, public, hybrid, multi) enterprises should invest in.

Fears Don’t Match Reality When It Comes to Security in the Cloud

Since the dawn of cloud, data security has been seen as a top concern by users and potential users alike. And no wonder. The cloud’s massive cost and flexibility advantages don’t amount to much if an organization can’t be certain their data will be safe there. And there’s undeniably something unnerving about moving data out of the trusted confines of an on-site data center to something that sounds as borderless as a cloud.

The State of the Cloud: Already Everywhere, and Lots of Room to Grow

Enterprise cloud usage is nearly universal, but there’s still significant room for cloud growth.

Equinix Investor Analyst Day 2012: Navigating the Cloud Jungle

With growth of over 500% in a decade, Cloud is the most significant trend today, said Equinix GM Chris Sharp...