Network Hardware vs. NFV Deployment: How to Decide

Network architects have two options in deploying network services—network hardware and network functions virtualization (NFV). Time, topology and technical talent influence the deployment decision.

Latency: Is Slow the New Down?

For distributed application architectures, especially those leveraging the cloud, performance issues can be hard to track down because it’s not easy to observe all the components in the system simultaneously. Performance issues are typically diagnosed from the application perspective and fall into two big buckets: storage and network.

How to Achieve Maximum Enterprise-Network-Cloud Aggregation for Less Cost

Our NSP and CSP customers look to Equinix to help them optimize their CAPEX/OPEX with innovative next-generation interconnection models. Today, many of our largest providers have a myriad of different networks, clouds and customers intersecting at major Equinix metros, and a vast array of cross-connects, platforms and aggregation solutions to support them.

Global Solutions Architect of the Month – Stefan Raab

The majority of my work involves helping customers integrate cloud solutions. As enterprises shift more of their production workloads to the cloud, they are looking for a more reliable, predictable, secure and high-performance solution to integrate these services with their networks.

NFV-as-a-Service – Meeting the Demands of Cloud Velocity

Internet speed, in terms of introducing new technologies in the telecommunications industry, has followed a very clear pattern: more than two years of standardization, followed by 18+ months of product development and, finally, a year-long deployment timeline.